Books I Plan to Finish Someday...

"The best laid plans of mice and men.........are about equal."

[These are now sorted into a list of abbreviations that I use in the CTT writings...hope it helps. I have also begun filing previous years books in their own file--to shorten file access times. I have all of 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2004-2005, 2003, 2002, 20012000, 1999199819971996, and most of 1995 books. I have added a small Resources on Christian Truth Claims, as well.]

New acquisitions...(and old "I brought them in from the garage" ones!)...

Recommended books in RED (but just because its not red, doesn't mean I don/t like it--I might not have read enough of it to know, when I posted it below)

Also, note that these books are NOT uniformly cited in the technically-correct fashion, but only to the extent needed to identify/find them yourself.

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