I don't get a lot of these, so they REALLY stand out...

Someone sent in the following email (I am convinced he/she meant well, by the way)...

I stumbled in when I saw Wittgenstein's name.

Then I saw the likes of this:

"Derivation of sub-Personal Epistemologies:

The above ontic grid generates interesting implications in terms of the various epistemologies of the sciences. The higher one goes up the volitional chain, the more ..."

Glen, this is horrible stuff. Horrible. Sentences fiercely ugly, which by their nature will alienate almost everyone who sees them. This can't be your motivation, and you are obviously bright enough to write concise, gentle English. I don't understand. L.W. never resorted to this gobbledegook. I don't think you are working on anything more difficult than the issues dealt with in the Tractatus, why do you feel you need more difficult language than what is employed there?

I applaud your considerable effort. However, yours is the ugliest web site I have see yet. The interface is fine. The language is an assault.

All the best to you, especially in your battle with depression.

Thanks...one good assault deserves another, eh?...;>)

Well, what can I say...other than (1) I probably do "alienate" some with my wording, but it must be so bad that everyone assumes that complaining to me will not help; and (2) I disagree vehemently that the problems in the Tank are no more difficult than those of the Tractatus!!! (I can only assume that the visitor had not hit either the textual criticism nor the Theodicy pieces yet!)

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