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"The Fabulous Prophecies of the Messiah"

[updated Jul 2006]
  1. Introductory Material
  2. [See also: Messianic Expectations in 1st Century Judaism--Documented from Non-Christian Sources]
  3. Isaiah 7.14 - the Virgin Birth issue [updated Jan 2002]
  4. Micah 5.2 - the Bethlehem issue
  5. Problems in the Genealogies of Jesus
  6. (Excursus: TYPOLOGY--a legitimate way to understand the OT?)
  7. Digressive Tract...
  8. 3 Weird Fulfillments in Matthew: Herod's Slaughter, The Return from Egypt, and "Nazarene, Nazirite, or What?"
  9. Daniel's 70 "Weeks"
  10. John the Baptist as the Forerunner
  11. The Galilean ministry
  12. Christ's healing ministry
  13. The Triumphal Entry in Zech.
  14. The Betrayal Prophecies
  15. Crucifixion Prophecies: Psalm 22
  16. Crucifixion Prophecies: Zech 12, 13
  17. Crucifixion Prophecies: the parting of the garments
  18. Crucifixion Prophecies: Wine and Gall
  19. Crucifixion Prophecies: Jesus last cry
  20. Crucifixion Prophecies: No bones broken
  21. On the 'probability argument'
  22. Conclusion
As you can see, this will take quite a while... 
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