Fotos from late 2000-date

Me with Derek's extended family

Me and my oldest, 2016ish

My incredible, worship-inducing brothers!

Siblings! (2015ish)

Various pictures of my grandkids!

Pictures of Derek's family in CO, and Hannah out there with them--late 2010.

2010 my grandkids in San Jose CA:

Aug 2009 graduation photos of Jamel Yates, my 'unofficial' son for the past 6 years--graduated Aug 1 from Jackson State University, Magna cum laude!
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2009 thumbnails of my daughter:
From 2008/2009 (son and his family):
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Various 2006-7 shots of my treasured step-son, for 16 years now:
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From Derek's wedding (summer 2006)

Sweet Hannah 

From Christmas 2004:

From Dec 03/June 04:


Fotos from late 1999...

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