Some sweet feedback from readers (since the last set) that I haven’t been able to post until now…some of the word choices and heart-glimpses here are incredibly beautiful…[Feb 2002]




I am a Christian and have found nothing better on the web than this to describe the human condition and the relationship desired with us by God. Very, Very good. I will send my skeptical friends to your site. Its good to be able to explain Christianity without always referring to the Bible about everything. Just gearing the discussion to people sense of logic. It makes them feel grown up and probably holds their attention…Keep up the good work.

Thank you for your website! Thank you for sharing the knowledge and discernment that the Lord has blessed you with.

I am a 30-year old woman attempting finish my undergraduate degree after dropping out of school due to various "hard times" in the past. I drew information from your website that answered many of my questions…


Tonight, I wanted to know the creator behind the website and came across information about you....and photos, the video, etc. on your daughter, Britt. To see the strength and beauty that God has given your family strengthens me. I know that God has purpose for me...even if I can't see exactly what it is just yet.


You are a special dad. I love me dad...your children are blessed...I wish that my dad was sold out to Christ as you are. I'm still praying for him!

I have thoroughly enjoyed your seemingly, unexhaustive resources.  I have been on your internet site for about fifteen minutes, yet, I have found sound, scriptural answers on subjects I have attempted to "look up" before.


Your writings are kind, Christ-centered expressions of your knowledge, wisdom and relationship with our Father, Redeemer and Holy Spirit.


May our Lord continue to bless you and bless others, like me, through your ministry.

Dear Glenn, I'm praying that the Lord provide you with time,

money and all the resources needed to make the Tank a full-time ministry for you. Your ministry is important.

The Lord has used the Tank to pull many weeds out of my life.

My thinking is much clearer and coherent.

I am a 45 year old fellow pilgrim; a 1st time visitor to your site.  I would ordinarily not add to your e-mail backlog, but I have been moved by your web page, so I'll toss this in the bin.  Because it's VERY late, I'll be unusually brief:


I LOVED your web site and bookmarked it for future reference.  Thank you for the countless hours you have invested in it to the glory of God!


I was humbled by the volume of your writings and the research you have done.


I was entertained by your testimony, and love your sense of humor.  :^)


I was moved to tears by your record of the sudden homegoing of your lovely daughter, Britt.


My courageous wife, Jean, has been the steward of MS for over 10 years, so I am aware of the "rugged grace" and meticulous providence of our wondrous Savior.


Your site is simply amazing!  I can't even start to say how many times I've simply found hope and joy in reading your words.  It seems that no matter how many stumping questions I run into, this site always has an answer.  I'll be praying for you and your walk with Christ, and hopefully it will help and bless you at least a fraction of what you have done for me. 

Wow!! what an awesome site.  I just wandered in... ok…ok... Jesus led me in....

Again I say, what a great ministry.  I only had the time to read your page about how you 'logically, and scientifically' accepted at least the 'concept' that there was a 'Person".  LOL............


Any way...... I have been a Christian for many years, just as you have......... in fact, we may be close in age......but this web site is a true ministry to all.  It encouraged me because it gave me more fodder, and reasons, and logical explanations to use with my non Christian friends to say ""see....this is why....doesn't that make sense now?..."


I just wanted to let you know that I am more than certain that Jesus will reward you one day for this site.  If it makes a difference in just one other person accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior........ then Jesus will consider it a job well done!!!

I'm relieved to hear you say you don't actually go so far as to respond to every email.

Then, I might truly worry about you and OCD. ;)


I just wanted to let you know that I found your site by some strange labyrinth today---I think related to the ephiphany/Christmas dates.


I read your response to a very troubled woman

(and could hear my own questions and bitterness of

some years ago).


I found what you wrote to be most healing,

and well-balanced between head and heart.


Simply speaking, whenever you get to reading this,

blessings to you, for all that you do,

and Thanks for such tireless work. It shows.

(and if it's spring now--Happy spring!)


You have the most beautiful site.  Keen intellect combined with a gentle spirit is a mix I have rarely found.

I writing you this e-mail to thank your for this website!  What a blessing this site has been (going forward, please excuse the passive voice) in my life!  I have been struggling with taking the first step of truly beginning my personal relationship with our Savior.  I do not know why?  Suffice it to say that I was in utter spiritual turmoil.  I prayed and asked the Lord to bless me spiritually.  I stumbled upon your website (I now know that I was lead here)and began to read your "What's Next" article!  What a feeling of relief I experienced.  A lot of questions I had, both spoken and unspoken, were answered by this wonderful article.  I now know that I'm not alone in my spiritual condition (baby Christian).  Your article has given me insights that I would not otherwise have had.  I was filled full of doubt and waiting for that Damascus Road experience.  I felt lost as to where to begin?  Now I'm armed with that information/guidance.  Thank you very much!  I have shared your website with several friends and most recently with my elder brother who is, coincidentally, a Baby Christian.  May God continue to bless you and keep you!

I wanted to thank you for your work.  The research is obviously thorough, critical, and helpful (Time-consuming as an addendum).  I'm not nearly at the point to delve head-first into many of the biblical issues you discuss, though I stroll around the edge because the interest is there.  I remain, and probably will ;), at the core level - faith, intellect, motives, introspection, honesty, frustration, probing/straining for the fuzzy shape that is God.  It's exhausting, as you surely know, but I simply cannot call off the search in good conscience.  The implications are too great and the rumors too intriguing.  I've really appreciated your "basic" essays: faith v. understanding, "a slow-paced, low-key argument...", and the others that deal with the simple, yet vague innate seeking for something bigger/deeper that I think everyone (if willing to acknowledge) experiences.  You've challenged me to think more deeply, to resist the rulership of my despotic emotions, and to challenge the attitudes, motives, and ideas that I thought were correct...simply because I thought so :).  You've eliminated some of the fear of philosophy, and I'm starting to see the beauty and efficacy of human thought.  In short, you've fueled my seeking, stated some warnings, and provided some direction on an expedition of sometimes paralyzing depth.  I wish I could offer even a bit in return for what you've provided for me.

I am a nineteen-year-old agnostic and would like to thank you for using your time and scholarly knowledge in the production of this site.  You are answering my greatest theological questions with a level of intelligence and reason that I have found to be rare among those who argue in favor with Christianity.  You offer no dogmas and no "just because"; answers.  I have just recently discovered your site and am currently downloading the off line version.  While it most likely will not change my perspectives on God, it will offer insight into the Christian beliefs. (I have yet to decide if the concept of truth is real, God is thus far little more than a philosophic side dish to me.) Please keep up the good work, and it is my hope that your site gets the recognition it deserves.

Your site has been the most encouraging Christian source I have ever read (and thorough). I know you get that all the time (judging from your feedback sections), but its hard not to express extreme gratitude when the occasion comes. I just wanted to let you know (for what its worth coming from me, I'm only 17 - not too experienced...yet) that your work has helped me *greatly*. Its hard to say exactly what I mean - language is such a barrier to thought. You have shown me that a Christian can be highly intellectual and not sacrifice an ounce of passion. Your work has motivated me to be thorough and critical (scholarly if you will) in my areas of research and beliefs. In a more clear statement: you and your commitment to the Truth has caused me to aspire to be an honest and seeking Christian.


I know you have been through alot, and though what I say may not amount to much, I want you to know that at least from a brother in Christ you are loved - keep up the *excellent* work.



WOW.. I will commit to keeping up with your work on this site. It truly is an encouragement. I found it looking for a bit of data for my Jewish sister in law that recently started asking me questions about Christianity. Seems her college western civ class is looking at the bible , though not subscribing to any one religion she adopts the cultural "God is Good and I can't go to hell.. not there really is such a place" view of life. (off topic)


At any rate I was digging on the web and followed a link from Jews for Jesus and was amazed at the depth and value in your site. True I don't think I would send her head long into it. but what a reference. I will commit to reading it.


I also have questioned the questions that most Christians are afraid of asking. Its funny, I'm also an executive. I own a small IT Consulting firm having checked out of a DotCom a few years back I went into independent consulting and currently have 7 people in IT consulting. My skills are in Application Architecture, Infrastructure and IT Process development. Funny.. guess like minded people search for answers to the same questions..


Thanks again .. great resource

I was mad at God today, to the point of yelling/questioning him, perhaps challenging him.


I would go into the details, but, they are starting to seem insignificant now.


How I found your site I am at a loss to explain.


I've been looking for these "answers" and your approach for a long time now.


Perhaps now things will start to make sense and give me some peace.


Pray that I find everything I am looking for and find peace.


For the first time ever I had considered taking my own life, that is starting to look selfish now.


I am weak. I am scared and confused.


Only God could have lead me to this oasis.


 I adore your website.  I have found it a wonderful resource for developing historical apologetics in particular.  Your website is just light years better in that department than any other Christian apologetics website around.  For one thing, you actually use valid and respected sources for both your historical and philosophical arguments.  You also don't back out of the hard questions or give easy untrue answers.  You see this on a lot of Christian apologetics web sites and with a a lot of Christian apologist, that is to say, they use out-dated information or half truths in order to support their position.  You don't, at least from what I know about Bible research.  I am quite wrapped in NT research, so I know the sources you use for that are very reliable.

you have a great ministry here Glenn...I am a graduate of Dallas Seminary and am currently in the MA program in philosophy at the University of Dallas.  I have been heavily into apologetics for about 10 years now and am quite active in organizing events.  I have had Bill Craig in for two debates already as well as other engagements...anyhow, thanks for all you do...I always highly recommend your web site!

Through reading your article I came to understand the purpose of Jesus Christ for my life.  I humbly Thank you.

Thank you for your recent posting on the recent wave of attacks.


It is indeed very endearing to note that in the midst of numbness and possible anger, the tone of your letter was of gentleness and mercy.  It is a rare reconciliatory gesture but welcomed at that as most of the responses towards the attacks were ones of vengeance and retaliation.


Being the lone voice is unnerving enough; but to know that there are others who share the same emotions, thoughts on the issues is indeed an encouragement especially one so intent on following His direction as much as we could.


May God continue to bless, use and enrich you as we endeavor to show/allow more of Him in our lives.   May He also bless and have mercy on those in the 10/40 window who never had the true Gospel (Good News) explained to them before.  [from Malaysia]

[From Taiwan] I'm a Christian who is bombarded my millions of questions. I do try and provide the best answers that I can. That is how I found your site. Your answers are really incredible, you do a great job. If you ever do read this mail I was wondering if you could tell me what resources do you use as your answers are really insightful and full of information that I'm sure is difficult to find.


Well great job, I wish there were some way I could help you. If you can mail me, great, if not, no sweat.


Thank you so much for your site, I have been perusing your site for a couple of years now and I've found it invaluable at times. In fact, one of your pages was the page for a beautiful spiritual reawakening. The road is rough at times, but I wanted to let you know that the Lord worked through you to help me start looking at the map again. I thank you so much for that.

Occupation: Sociology student

Country/state: Egypt



This site is one of the reasons I became Christian after I was Muslim ( I was born Muslim ) ..And I thank God for becoming a Christian ..I love this religion...I love Jesus...And I only wish if you can translate this site to Arabic language so the Arabic readers who can not read English will be able to read your site...I really wish if you can do that and make an Arabic translation of this's the best site on the internet…thanks and God bless you


I'm XYZ, from Madrid, Spain. This is not a question. I've downloaded the whole site some time ago because I felt something inside that pushed me to do so. For months it has been untouched in my hard drive, while I was near converting to Islam. I did really believe all the things Muslims say on their WebPages about the Bible and Jesus and God. Then, one day I opened (don't ask me why) the welcome.html page of the Tank and started to read some of the responses you give to the critics I'd heard of the Bible. Wow! What a difference! You really opened my eyes. I'm studying philosophy at catholic university and I've never found all the responses in the really huge library we have. I didn't know where to start the searching, what was fundamental and what mere speculation and conjectures. You showed me the straight path and, thanks to you, I could begin to read for myself whit a good basement.


Most probably I will never meet you. But I'm sure we'll meet in Heaven and I will surely be your best friend there. You've given me light and life, you have done so much for me that I don't know which way I can help you in something. If you think I can do something for you, don't doubt, ask me.


All this mail is just to say you,


Hey, brother, just wanted to tell you that from the little I've been able to read, I really enjoy your work. My son found this and he loves it. Stand firm in grace!


This is just a quick note to let you know how much God used you to bless me today through your site (and His sight!). At first, the sheer enormity of the material and the soundness of your arguments intrigued me. Such a relief to read such genuine, scholarly thinking about the truth of our Lord...sad to say there are times when I am a little embarrassed by the weak arguments I hear from Christians (including myself). I particularly appreciate your respectful approach to all writers.


But truly, the greatest blessing was your beautiful, painfully honest "Reflection" on your daughter's passing. I am so sorry that you and your family are deprived of her presence here- but I wanted you to know the truths God showed you about his loving character (that you shared with us) impacted me deeply.


I have lately been struggling with issues of God's character as well as (for lack of a better way to put it) - just what it experientially means to be loved by God. I have a hard time "feeling" loved by Him. Intellectually I can talk about Jesus' death and resurrection, etc. but I've been praying for the Lord to help deepen my understanding in this area. I thank you for your faithfulness to His calling on your life because in so doing, you have helped Him bless me richly. My cup runneth over!

I guess it wasn't such a quick note after all- sorry.

May God bless and keep you and your family in His loving hand.


 I just wanted to email you to say that I think I've found the web site I've been looking for. Unfortunately, I just saw the amount of people you are dealing with and don't think that my letter will get much attention. This to me isn't important. I just began reading a few of your answers to different people on your site and felt the obligation to at least drop a line to someone I think has really been blessed by God.  I feel I'm on the same path as you in terms of searching for truth, and as I read how you began by starting this web site for just that reason I really felt connected. I wanted to do the same thing as I just graduated from college, and I still hope to.  In the mean time your web site will fill me with all the rationality and faith I need to spread Gods "good news". God bless. If you ever need any help with anything involving spreading the gospel, please give me an email.

Just saw your site for the first time. Fantastic!

Probably the reason you're deluged with e-mail is that you're doing a good job.

You have helped me with doubts about the faith, especially your page on the supposed contradictions in the resurrection accounts.

Hi Glenn,


Thanks a lot for your response. I would like to respond to some of it

and will do as soon as I can. Thanks for running the ThinkTank -- and

no thanks! As a secularist, I'm both happy and unhappy that it exists,

because you're giving Christianity a good name and I'm obviously in

two minds about that.

Hi there,


I don't really have a question. I just want to comment on what a fantastic job I think you do friend. I'm 27 and do a LOT of thinking on such matters. I can remember being 14 and the gears began to spin and have never stopped. Sometimes maddeningly. I'm not sure how your thought process works but I think you do a fine job. God bless you.

From: Malaysia


Read your decades of lessons-very helpful and insightful....a very Big help in my Christian journey. Thank you

I just wanted to thank you for having such a wonderful site…for the last year and a half it has helped me a great deal in debates and also to learn more about the bible and so thanks......just wanted to say that so you know it does help people.


I found your site when I was looking for information for my own Christian website that I was making.  I was also looking for answers to some of the questions I get asked.  Your site is extremely helpful.  The thing I like most about your site is that you answer all of the questions and don't use the clichés that everyone gets tired of hearing.  I still feel that the world looks at a Christian's lifestyle more than proof, but if you can give them the evidence also then that is great.  I will continue to pray for you and your ministry.

Just to let you know that your willingness to be honest and transparent before community has allowed others to have hope than in spite of their failure, they too, will be accepted by God.  You have encouraged us by your example and though we do not understand all the specifics, perhaps you were chosen to follow this path because He knew that you would be the one able to shoulder this heavier cross.  Like the One you are following, the Garden will have the fragrance and beauty of roses mingled with death, tears, and finally the lucid vision of the path you will follow.  ....and you will show us that you love the Father. I do not understand how, but, this makes you more like Him.


Thank you for your scholarship and the willingness to share yourself and that work with your "network family."

I'd just like to thank you for the valuable resource your site has been. Your "tract" has been of great help in our youth ministry's call to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Our youth pastor is taking us on a five day road trip around the Mid-West to talk with as many people as possible about our Lord. He chose me to write the tract we'll be using, seeing as he wanted a student's perspective. Your tract was an awesome resource. Thanks so much! There's no need for reply on your part.

Mr. Miller,

Very briefly, I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful site.  I've been reading it for about 2 weeks and it has helped me IMMENSELY in answering some tough "contradictions" that have hurt my faith in the past.


Please continue spreading your insightful, concise and clear interpretations.

Just wanted to let you know that this is a spectacular site!! In my opinion, the best apologetics site on the net! Keep up the great work.

(Lutheran Pastor in Indiana)


I didn't have the chance to read much about your daughter.  Just one message for you, personally.  I always remind my members that in Christ we live forever and that at death we are with God and, therefore, more alive than we ever were on this earth.  Therefore, I encourage them not to speak of their loved ones in the past tense.  You need not say your daughter WAS a beloved daughter but that she still IS you beloved daughter.  She now shines in glory and you will see her again - God bless!


I really enjoyed your scholarship - as a pastor, who is supposed to be the "theological expert" in the congregation I am often disappointed in how little further study I am able to do into current theological and archeological issues.  You site will be a valuable tool for me to answer many questions for my Bible studies and I will be ordering your CD ROM as soon as I am able to afford it.  Excellent job!!!

It is only congratulation from France.

May God give to you forces for continuing !


I came across this site about a week ago and have to say I love the way you've a ton of 'deep and important' apologetic questions that most others can't or don't get around to answering.  Also, the way you draw on so many sources in your arguments is great, and I love that you have an entire bibliography up.


The first page of yours that I read was the one dealing with the question of the commands to kill the Canaanites (again, I'm fairly sure I somehow stumbled across this in a search engine but the URL may have been given to me by one of my friends).  Your answers go far beyond the standard replies I hear to this kind of difficult question, which too often fall along the lines of "because God can do that if He wants to".  I then read the discussion of "Bible abortifacients", and have since poured (or maybe dripped) over many other such pages.


But the one thing that urged me to go ahead and fill out this "suggestion box" was the 'My Story' page, where you said:


"It would be easy to attack the 'fortress' of the Christian case on many, many small-medium points, BUT TO CONSTRUCT AN ALTERNATIVE SYSTEM that would be able to withstand the same caliber of intellectual examination on as many fronts, I put well beyond the practical realm of feasibility."


You more or less managed to capture everything I've thought on this since reading my first apologetics book, Lee Strobel's 'The Case For Christ'.  (Sure, that book may not be the best one out there, but I think it goes a long way in showing exactly what you'd said above.)


And don't get me wrong, I loved reading the rest of that article too. :)  I can really relate much of it to the things I was going through a few years ago.


Thank you for providing this wonderful resource.  It is both highly educational and very encouraging as well, and I look forward to reading more of it.


I visited the Tank the other evening as part of researching something that

was troubling my heart, and yet again (as always) was soooo helpful… After reading your newest letter on the site (written 6/13) today, I just wanted to say

yet again (although I've said it quite a few times before) that your work on

the Tank is extremely useful and edifying, and interesting and

thought-provoking and...well, you get the idea.  So I'm very glad that your

gracious and loving friend has given you the gift of a couple of weeks in

pounding on tankwerke!!





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