Just an interesting feedback letter...


I don't really surf the web that often, but somehow I stumbled across your ThinkTank site! (First-off, I'm a conservative Christian)

Your site was full of inspiration; mostly in the way it contrasted to my other experiences on the net. I work in a university computer lab, and most of the people I work with are exceptionally liberal. They are I guess, real 'web-hackers', and when I've seen them 'surf the net', they usually go through the following kinds of sites:

  1. Porno pictures
  2. Computer-intrest related stuff
  3. Anarchist-intrest related stuff
  4. Exotic pseudo-religion philosophies (Taoism, Zen, weird stuff!)

When I saw your site, I was speechless! I never knew anyone with any real Christian answers and experience would even have heard of the Internet, much less have some real meaty pages up! I admire your efforts! Upon reading your pages, I loved the way you approached Christianity (especially through the first few links) without turning people off!

As I said in the survey, most people I encounter have pre-dispositions against Christianity which all boil down to the fact that they don't want to bother to really find anything out (except through the liberal press) and they don't want to have to change their life. Jesus would shake them in their lives, and they know it, so they take the easy way out, and simply put off the question of religion.

Anyway, thank you for your site, I don't even know how you could improve it, but keep up the good work. The site is thoughtfully laid out, and you've written an immense amount of material. Most web sites are written by egotistical computer-people who are quick to point out their philosophies on computers, money, girls, and sometimes religion.

The Christian ThinkTank...[https://www.Christianthinktank.com] (Reference Abbreviations)