Feedback log...

As of 2/10/95...

Here are some of the comments I've gotten so far...

(The ones with questions in them will be answered separately.)

"Enjoyed your page so far. "

"I am an Internet/WWW newbie and this appears to be an excellent resource. Thanks for your commitment to this endeavor. "

"Looks interesting-- am going to add your home page to my bookmark list "

"Man, this is too deep to read early in the day... but still a definite add-on to my religion page."

"Keep up the good work, this is the best Christian-related web site I've yet come across."

"Like I said above, it looks good so far. I like that you have included links for the skeptic point of view. I would like to encourage you in your pursuit, and I pray that God will bless your endevour. 2 Cor. 10:3-5. "

"really cool--different from the other stuff I've found on net"

"I really enjoyed reading parts of the ThinkTank."

"I think that a place for the free exchange of ideas in a non-agressive atmosphere is a good idea."

"Looks interesting to explore. Our life histories have some similarily."

"I am glad to see another banner of truth concerning our precious faith. Keep up the good work, and I hope to be here often. Just continue to defend the faith, and I will pray for your ministry to the lost here on the Net. Praise the Lord that He is not afraid(!) of our questions, and is f aithful to give us the answers we need for faith in Him"

"This looks like an interesting place to challange ones self"

"Very well done web-site. Refreshing to see high-caliber Christian apologetics. However you derailed me --and maybe others-- from getting very far in the survey by only offering variants of 'Christian' or 'Skeptic' as the options under the Personal Orientation question. Perhaps these are the two poles of your intellectual universe but there are plenty of us out here who fall outside of those choices. Perhaps if you revise the options to include people of other faiths and philosophies you will draw more people in... I'll check back another time and possibly make it thru more of the survey then. Meanwhile, congrats on one of the most stimulating and meaningful pages on the Web" (Webster's note: This was the feedback that got me to change the survey form and add the note about 'other religious faith')

"what is post grade-school? NOT EVERYONE ON THE WEB IS AMERICAN...You mught be surprized having read the above, but I thought that this was all rather good ...But then your opposition is rubbish like" (Webster's note: This was the feedback that got me to change the survey form AGAIN(!) )

"I think your questions are pretty complex and should be simplified. The KISS principle should apply--Keep IT Simple Stupid. The Lord made his word easy to read for the common man. Make your survey easy to read and easy to answer. " (Webster's note: This has been mentioned often...I am struggling with how to keep it both simple and complex at the same time!...I may have to break it up into different surveys...)

"I am intrigued by your Web site and feel that it is directly on the path of my current interest to expand and breakout of a neo-pharisee mold that I have developed....I have pulled a couple of your discussions of the Net and intend to read them this week. I can't help but tell you that I am very interested in the things you have written about."

"I have not browsed all it's contents yet, but any thought-provoking Christian Stuff on the Net is just great!"

"Extremely well done and a very useful reference source. I am most impressed."

"Greetings in the name of our Christ: I am impressed with your systematic thrashing of the opponents of Biblical truth. I would love to share in this."

"I'm just exploring, but I love what you're doing and can relate to many of the questions that you've faced. I look forward to exploring more, and to testing the answers I read in the crucible of evangelism. Thank you!"

"First I love your page. It offers a lot and I will be spending quite a bit of time here."

"I am fascinated by the topics in this web site. I hope to spend more time here ....."

"I have enjoyed this visit very much, and wish you God's best blessings in your efforts."

"I just spent far too much time on your web page when I should really have been in bed with my wife.... It was extraordinarily well done, and I am looking forward to periodic visits....I took the liberty of saving a couple of the pages for use in a bible study that I will be 'leading' in a few days. They are the ones concerning the two different implications of 'testing,' dependent on the attitude of the person doing the testing; and the one that summarizes passages of the bible that call for critical skills."

"As a fellow believer, I just wanted to compliment you on your fine gospel presentation on the Internet. It was timely, well done, and I feel, unoffensive to a non-Christian. I sensed your loving concern for a lost world. God bless you!"

"nice to meet someone who has the same God as I do .... one who enjoys His kids' questions!"

"Well, I greatly appreciated it!!!"

"you have a web page with depth that points to something larger than the ego of the site-host. I think your page points to what can be done with the Web in a more encouraging way than a lot of glitzier commercial ventures."

"Just thought I'd drop a note to say I liked visiting the 'Unravelling Wittgenstein's Net' pages. Philosophy has always been an interest of mine"

"I appreciated you Web pages immensely "

"high praise to your web site"

"God Bless you. I am glad to see something positive here on the internet and I hope the lord blesses you and yours for lifting his name up here and allowing others to experience Jesus Christ. Please keep up the good work and I bid you God's speed."

"Cool discussions and good mix of fun stuff too"

I haven't had the time to completely explore the web site in its entirity, but I'm =very= impressed with what I've seen so far. You present information in a way that is intellectually sound, yet not "in your face" like so many others are apt to do....A believer myself, I plan to check out the rest of the site ASAP. God bless your efforts on the WWW.

Proverbs 27.21b!

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