"If Jesus sinned..."

If Jesus was fully man and fully god and God is incapable of sin, then if Jesus had sinned while on Earth, would he have stopped being God or would the definition of right and wrong changed. And if he were able to sin how could he be fully God.

This question turns out to be a non-question. The phrase that sidelines the 'question' is the 'if Jesus sinned while on earth'....

This clause is basically semantically contradictory--when you unpack it, it looks like this:

"If Jesus, who was not able to sin, was able to sin and did so..."
(there is a contradiction hiding in there, and therefore the sentence is non-sensical and, as such, is not really a question)

Sorta like: "If a circle was square, would it still have a circumference of 2 pi r?"---that is NOT a question, but a meaningless string of letters...

I hope this makes sense...but basically the question doesn't exist and hence requires no 'answer'...

thanks again for writing!

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