Some feedback letters, reflecting somewhat deepening impact...

Glenn, Thank you so much for the Christian Thinktank. I found your site at a time when I was very discouraged and had just about lost "faith" in Christian apologetics. Very few apologetics resources ever seem to deal with the sorts of questions that I tend to wrestle with, and when they do they usually end up raising far more issues than they solve. Often, the mediocre sophistry and endless epicycles that so many "apologists" feel constrained to use has left me feeling more than once that if there really were answers to these questions, these presumably "informed" people wouldn't have to play all of the games that they do. It is so encouraging to find someone else who at least has enough faith to ask the really hard questions. My "faith" has been restored. I also want to thank you that you have not included any creation/evolution links which would tend to lessen the credibility of this site in the eyes of many of people I would tend to recommend this to; I know many do try to persuade you to do otherwise. Keep up the good work; you'll never know until eternity just how many people you've blessed. God bless you always.

Thanks. That's all I really have to say, just thanks.Your quiet resolve to face the really tough questions, without flinching has given me the courage to do the same.






Thank you very much for all the work you've done through the year in tackling difficult questions, making us think, and generally helping people you've never met.


Your site is absolutely great!!!!!I have now read some of your stuff and I find that it is absolutely great!!! You and Steve Brown are REALLY meeting some of my SERIOUS needs at this point in time!!!!


I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for us Christians.


I see that updates to the Thinktank have been few of late - I trust that's because your life is overflowing with so much joy this time of year, and not because of difficulties such as those of a few months back. Those of us (and we're a numerous group :) who have been touched by you through your work will continue to send you our prayers both during trials and comforts.


Overall, a wonderful site for me. I am a Christian, but I constantly need to be reminded of God's working in my life. This site helps me in all areas, keep it up, my prayers are with you!


Before I ask for your advice on something, I'd like to tell you how grateful I am for what you are doing (namely, your apologetic web pages).So far, I've read quite a lot (but not nearly enough, compared to what you've made available) of your material. Thank you for including links to the Skeptics' side of the story (thereby demonstrating that your impartiality is on the same level with your scholarly achievement). What you are doing is having a big impact on the strengthening of my faith and I sincerely thank you for this. I hope you never stop writing on your internet site...Once again, thank you for your help, patience and faith. Apologetics deals with proof and defense of (obviously and logically) THE most important issue in existence and, therefore, I am glad for the availability of your guidance in that regard.


Just a note of personal appreciation for your tremendous work here on the web. I have not found such a treasure in quite sometime. A real answer to prayer. I have downloaded as much as my hd can stand to give to people.

ITMT, thanks for your dedication to Christ. I will lead as many of my philosophical compadres and Christians to this oasis in the desert. This page has already become instrumental to a highly intelligent philosopher whom the Lord is bringing to Himself. God is always on time with just what we need. thanks to those who hear His voice and obey.


Hi. I just discovered your page last night. I think it is a great resource for someone like me, who is searching for life and answers and a comfortable form of religion and whatnot. I've been pondering all of these things for a long time, but have only seriously started to actively seek a relationship with God since I started college two years ago. I have a whole set of Christian friends here like I've never had before. They're great -- they're not pushy, but I know I can turn to any one of them if I ever need to. The whole process of figuring out what I believe in has been s-l-o-w, and I'm still a bit shy about talking to people about religious matters. I'm glad I found your page. I'll be back often. :)


I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for the impact your work has had on my faith. I am the freshman at ZZZ, to whom you responded about the question of Jesus fitting his contemporaries' ideas of the Messiah. I want to thank you for that response, and on a larger scale, for the hope and faith that your work has given me. My faith has been under attack (or perhaps "development" is the better word here) since I have been here at school. I feel as if my faith has been chipped away at by classes like my "Judaism, Christianity and the Bible" section, in which they teach "Biblical criticism" as a way of interpreting the Bible that leads inevitably to the destruction of most of the Bible's claims, such as Divine inspiration, prophecy, and even historical reliability. Your homepage has been crucial in my not completely suspending judgement about Christianity (I speculate here), or worse. I just want to thank you and (God) bless you for the work you are doing.

I just read one of your letters in which you related your occasional feelings of inadequacy as a scholar. To me, you are incredibly brilliant, but while that is beside the point, you are using your gift of intelligence in MIGHTY ways. I can't tell you how monumental the effects of your work are. I can't tell you how your homepage has helped me to, if nothing else, simply trust that though I may not have answers to the secular attacks on Christianity in the philosophic and intellectual realm, I at least know that people like you are able to respond to them. But more than that, you are teaching me humility, patience, and love in dealing with skeptics, and you provide me with food to appease my hopelessly impatient and hungry mind. "I wish my heart would just make up my mind"!!


Thank you for the time and dedication you have put into your website. You are a great inspiration to me. I have learned a lot from your website and pray that you are able to keep up the great work. I'm glad there are intelligent Christians. I'm often hesitant to share my faith with people because I tend to come off as a Jesus Freak.


I want to thank you for your homepage. It's my favorite place on the internet, and it has done so much for my faith to know that even if I don't have the time to tackle everyone's questions about Christianity, I know there are reliable answers out there.


I have truly been encouraged by wandering around this site. As a fellow believer I appreciate your high regard for an honest inquiry into the faith as well as being respectful of those who for whatever reason have drawn different conclusions. Thanks for taking the energy to share your heart. I prayed for you that you might be "strengthened in the inner man"


Dear Glenn, I don't know how you find enough time to do all this "stuff". I just want to say thanks once again. at least it has done one person some good.


Keep up the great work on the site. It has been beneficial for me, and I have recommended it to quite a few people who are likewise searching for a better knowledge of God through tough questions.


Your writings and clear thinking are one of the few things that have kept me from despairing about historical research altogether! I used to live in a town where I had easy access to truly humble, but intellectual Christians, but I moved over a year ago. Since then, your web page writings are the only thing I've had (besides my wife) that fulfill that. I can't recall how many times I've been drowning and doubt and fear and read some of your work or the books on your reading list (the one's I can find, anyway) and, as a result, been able to sleep at night (I mean this literally). ... just keep the clear thoughts and observations coming, from somewhere, because they've been soul-savers for me.


I really enjoy reading your collection of Christian experiences over the years. (Its under "lessons"). There are some in there I can relate to and some I find encouragement from.


I want you to know that you have inspired me.

Ever since I first encountered your marvelous web page about a year ago, I was impressed with the fact that you connected with literally thousands of people in any particular month's time. I was convinced then, and still am today, that you are doing more in spreading the Christian faith than 90% or more of the churches in the US because of the sheer number of people exposed to your quality content.

I consider you a type of pioneer, and would enjoy meeting you sometime in the future, and perhaps introduce you to other people who could also be inspired by what you have done and be encouraged to do the same.


Its been awhile since my last post, but I haven't stop thinking of you. I drop into your page every so often to check your latest works. I wanted to offer you some encouragement concerning your most recent posts in the last couple of months

By taking the time to thoroughly research the conditions of the Bible's narratives, you do many people a great service. Specifically, your recent post on the Lord's answer to the Canaanite woman. I had usually received this as being a rather harsh answer from the Lord; "Not right to give to the dogs... etc." Though I have no problem in seeing myself as a gentile dog (compared to the Jews), your exposition has really helped me to appreciate more the love and the propriety of the Lord Jesus.


Glenn, what a refreshing surprise to encounter your site with its very apparent deep devotion to not only the person of Christ, but the truth regarding His existence. Your postings are well-defined, clearly understandable to even the lay person, and breathe the essence of God rather than the dry dust of academia. Thank you so much for a providing a long, tall drink to someone who was quite thirsty... God bless you richly!


Just wanted to pass you a note and say how instrumental you've been in a rekindling of my faith. Since accepting Christ as a older child at a tent revival in Louisiana (my father was a Church of God minister), I had allowed my faith to languish over the years, eventually drifting toward some muddled and abstract notion of God as "universal watchmaker" and not as Personal Savior. In the past several months you've really helped me to overcome some nagging questions and lead me back to Him.

Thank you for your ministry. Don't underestimate it's importance to those of us in the pews. A fellow Christ follower.


Mr. Miller, this expression of yours as to what "Christianity actually is" is so "right on" I am still emotional as I re-read it. God's continual blessings sir.

The Lord has had us start full-time a Christian mail order company. In the many telephone contacts, and when the occasion arises, your "explanation" goes out.


I just wanted to thank you for the article you wrote on the annihilation of the Canaanites. I am thankful and humbled to think that I ever thought that some of God's judgement was arbitrary. I owe you a big thank you.


Thanks for the Web Site!! Just as I began to question myself and wondering why I had the right to question God I found Greg's site which led me to your site. I have not had the time to fully look around but what I have found has strengthened me immensely.


Your web-site has already blessed my life in the few days I've been aware of it. In size, scope, and depth, this site is incredible! It is also friendly and intelligent; your writing is lucid and polite, and the background info on yourself is a nice touch. I admire your commitment to fairness, gentleness, and respect. (Your gentle handling of the fellow who thought God was incredibly wicked was inspirational [and even somewhat convicting!] to me.) Pat yourself on the back for your efforts, Glenn: you deserve it! (Prov.3:27)


"I am amazed at the power of family--one of the basal models of the trinity, the historical church, Christ and the Church. It can take a heart like mine--so conditioned through youth to self-protective coldness, denial, escape, and withdrawal--and lead it into tropical rainforests with flowers so much bigger and brighter and celebratory than the wildest hopes and dreams of my childhood. It can take a theology as clear as ice and twice as cold, and infuse it with erosive and invasive grace and giggles and tears and even change..."

Dear Glenn,

"... and even change."

All I can say is, "what a paragraph"! Have you ever considered becoming a writer? (as if you're not, hah hah!) Seriously, I am continually amazed at the depth and eloquence of your sharing. I have been following your site for quite some time, and it has been both a comfort and a challenge. You see, I am not quite Christian (it's my head, my head..) Thank you Glenn, for all of your work - you are being _very_ helpful.


I first stumbled on to your site nearly a year ago. I truly believe that it was the answer to so many of my prayers begging for such information. I can almost imagine the grin on God's face as He lead me here, knowing the comfort and joy it would bring.

I know I can never express fully to you what your site has meant to me. But, please be assured it has been life changing. I'm struck by the similarities between my own experiences and those of your journey. I imagine many who have been drawn by God have walked similar paths of rebellion, doubting, conversion, overzealousness, burnout and finally a long, slow and progressively intimate walk with their God. Without knowing it, you have been a true friend and brother on my walk.

Thank you so much, Glenn. I know the effort to research and post your material must be enormous, especially with the responsibilities of everyday life. I'm sure you don't hear from the majority of those whose lives you have touched. I hope this short message will give you some measure of encouragement. I shall remember you in my prayers.


I just read your letter of 9/29/97. After all the emails you have received from Christians around the world thanking you for your web site, you still feel less of a Christian then the friends and family you visited? How sad that you feel "less" worthy than any of them. Your web site may be the only set of documents that a person sees that steers him or her to accepting the Lord, your web site helped me to have non-biblical references to Christ and renewed my faith to a point now of where I and my wife will be going in the mission field someday (when He decides). And what about your job? I know who you are and the company you work for...I have been in high tech since 1979 when I bought my fist computer a VIC 20. Imagine the peoples lives you have touched unknowingly and knowingly. You are going to be amazed when you get to heaven Glenn. People are going to come up to you who you never knew that will say "thank you. I am here because of you". It may be for the young buyer you brought to Christ, your web site, and it may be the young sales rep that wanted to know why you seem different than others in the industry.....and on and on.

This note is to tell you that Gods plan for you is being fulfilled even though you may not see the fruit as well as others. God Bless you Glenn for your web site and your daily testimony. And I know as well you know that God has other plans for us in the future. We just have to be patient and wait (which is so hard for me!).


Thank you, plain and simple. Your site has blessed my life invaluable lessons, insights, and bigger and betters tools to help get the Word out. Your site address is being handed around to other Christian teachers in the area. May God continue to bless your work. (It amazes me with your schedule how you keep this site updated as you do. I visited your site last year, then was off line for many months. Once back on line I searched your site out, found that the address was changed, but the site was bigger and better than ever!) Many thanks - I particularly enjoy reading your articles/thoughts/debates on growing as a Christian. Being relatively new at this, I have gained many new insights perusing your site. You have a gift for making complex issues understandable. You also are very patient and professional with your responses to others. I have become more confident when speaking to others about the wonderful things that can happen when one has a true relationship with Christ.


my brother, you are SUCH a blessing.

you're heart, soul, and mind, as communicated and expressed through this site, touches and inspires a innumerable body of people. thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord, and to His calling on your life.


I really appreciate the job you are doing here. I had the benefit of being raised in a strong, loving, Christian home, by parents who practiced what they preached. Even still, as Bob Dillon said " the times they are a changin" and I am having a harder time keeping Christianity relevant to my life given the totally materialistic society I live and work in everyday. That is why I find your site such a blessing and a haven from the many "distractions" of this world. Have no doubt, what you are doing is a ministry and I cannot imagine a more important or necessary one for today's age. God Bless.


Thank you for the time and effort to put this web site together. Doubtless it will bless and encourage many as it has me. Several weeks ago I wrote you with a women/God issue and you directed me to a section of your web site. I've been reading along when time permits and your thinking processes and time to answer many of the questions I have had has helped modify my anger and give God more of "benefit of the doubt". I still have questions, and probably will be struggling with them for life. (My questions supercede my intellectual ability to seek answers to them!!) Anyway, thanks


I've only just stumbled upon your site and it's like a breath of fresh air already. thanks brother.


I have to tell you that going into your website has raised my awareness of the wondrous Glory and Grace of God and Our Lord Jesus Christ. What a complete and exciting Gospel we have. And reading your stuff makes me praise God for men like you that can get into the spiritual trenches and contend for the faith once and for all given to the saints.

You fan the embers of the intense passion I already possess for the word of God. Keep up the good work and thank you for helping equip the body of believers to give to every man an answer.


I have read much of the material here on your website. It had been a great blessing to me. But the piece written on Dec 8, 1998 on God's justice is one of the most profoundly important things I have come across. Thank you.


Just a note to say how much I appreciated your most recent article, "why God couldn't just forgive..." I find your philo stuff (epist., metaphysics, justice) so interesting and convincing. I suspect that for non-Christians, it's also very attractive.

By the way, someday in heaven - say after a few million years and the REALLY SERIOUS parties have just finished - Jesus is going to pull you aside and tell you what a great help you were to me on this side....


I really like this site and it has taught me a lot and answered semi nagging questions I had. Thanks a ton for all the time, money, and effort you put into this. You are really contributing something, even though it may be hard to see the tangible results because of the nature of the Internet. ...Your in-depth, well researched, well-written, well-reasoned articles! You do not shy away from even the hardest questions, and you always seem to do a great job answering them. It seems to me that you answer questions a lot of professional Christian apologists pass over, and you do a better job than them. It's really impressive.


Hi, just want to thank you for your writing style. I especially liked(tonight) 'a long winded, slow paced essay'(paraphrasing title). .. A friend sent me your page with an E mail saying "I just found this site. This guy takes my breath away". He's right. It's wonderful to have your site in my favorites file. It's like honey, one rich teaspoon at a time. I renewed my commitment to Jesus with you tonight. .. You write like you could be a good friend. Thanks again!


I would also like to thank you for your candid approach to hard apologetics. You and your work have greatly increased my own investigation into what and why I believe. ... I just wanted to let you know that God has been working beautifully through you and that your work has been of particular interest to me Thank you. May God continue to reveal His work to you,


Your site has been a tremendous help to me, and I thank you very much!!!




I like your approach. Solid, calm, erudite. It intrigues me, and I'm already converted!! I find it comforting to see someone who has not left his brain at the door while he builds his faith.


I'm a 19 year old college student (English major - I plan on doing grad studies and teaching Jewish history.) I've been familiar with your page for a long time - at least 2 years - and I really appreciate what you do. it's a huge encouragement to me.


I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for your great internet page on webcom! It helped me greatly out here in the (spiritual) desert. I found very good answers on tough challenges that came across here and there were a lot of them. Thank God for internet! May He bless you throughout your life! Keep on going!


What a wonderful helper you are to us pilgrims everywhere. Thanks, thanks again.


I'm a 15 year old Christian male in Australia and I am listening to a sermon on apologetics that I got of the web.

I just wanted to say "Good Luck" with all your work for God. You are doing a world of good in a place that really needs it.


hi glenn!!! first off, I want to let you know that your page has been SO incredible in my own searching / stumbling / crawling thing we call the Christian life... I thank God for you and the 'gift of intellect and writing' that He has so graciously given you. keep picking it up, giving it to Christ, and carrying on...


It would have to be your personal statements about what a Christian is. I was very moved to read your words. It really hit home.


Just wanted to pass this along: your web site, particularly the "Hallway of Arguments", has been of immense help to me in my journey as a Christian. Despite having been raised a Christian, my faith had become lukewarm at best. I barely held on to faith, wishing with all my heart to be able to believe, but in my mind convinced that if I ever bothered to look into 'the facts', they would without doubt prove the whole thing to be mythology. It was a terrible state to be in. I read some apologetics, but none that resolved my doubts....

..until I stumbled across your web site. I cannot describe the elation I felt as I ran through many of the analyses you posted. It was all real, hard data....a true, profound analysis of the scriptures, with references to the original, ancient texts. I couldn't believe it! I had stumbled across someone who wasn't afraid to examine the data behind his beliefs, to boldly stand against all nay-sayers and shoot them down, one after the other. Christians don't have to "turn their brains off at the church door", as one person had told me---Christianity could---no, DOES!---hold up to careful scrutiny as well as any other matter of history or scientific theory!

I'm not wording myself very well, and I'm afraid I'm going on a bit long, so let me conclude by saying that I'm not surprised you have thousands of emails in your box, because your work is masterful, your explanations clear and complete. I still have many questions, but now, when I pick up the Bible, I am confident that I am reading the real and true Word of God, not a collection of fairy stories.

My gratitude to you is beyond words; all I can do is pass along my prayerful thanks for your ministry.


Maybe I'll compound your mound of questions to be answered with one of my own some day soon, but for now I just want to say that it is great to see your recent resurgence of activity on the "Tank". Your website is a truly needed ministry. I am not so much a prayer warrior as I am a prayer waterboy, but I have sent up a few requests over the past month for the Tank and for the business ventures and other concerns you have mentioned on your site. Thanks for your efforts. They are a big help to me and I think they must be to thinking Christians (and non-Christians!) all over the net.
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