Feedback I have gotten recently on the ThinkTank...

...mostly good--I will publish the 'rebukers' in full later ;>)

Hi Glenn, I haven't visited your page for a long time- still one of the most influential things I've done in recent years. I owe you a lot and want to continue my thanks to you.
Thanks for the great site! I graduated in XXX from WWW college with a degree in philosophy, and have really missed the mental stimulation.
Thanks for your pages. They are a great help to me. Have you noticed a trend in our society towards a bizarre type of Christian/religious fervor? I heard Larry King mention that the Christian vote was one that had to be seriously taken into account. At first I thought GREAT but now I'm wondering. Have you read Margaret Attwood's "The Handmaid's Tale"? The society portrayed in it reminds me in some ways of today. When I watch Christian tv, I see big hair, glitz, tears, holyhandkerchiefs, and a desperate need for more money. My brother-in-laws are ministers and use the latest big-business formulas to generate a vital church presence. In my experience, I have found that church could be your idol and you'd never catch on because the truth is hidden behind all the mechanisms. At present I'm reading Carl Sagan's "A Demon Haunted World" in which he promises to give the reader a "baloney detection kit" I need it. So far I see so much baloney that I have trouble just going to church.
I really enjoy your Web page and have found it to be a great help in strengthening my faith. My only questions is what kind of response you have gotten from your piece, "What about Those Who have Never Heard the Gospel?"? For me, it was so different from what I have heard from most Christian speakers. To me, it lifted a great weight of my heart, for I had always had problems with the implications that people who had never heard the Gospel would have no chance at salvation, but would be condemned none the less. I enjoyed your analysis and have passed it around to several Christian friends who have also felt the way I do.

Thanks again and keep up the great work!

Just wanted to thank you for your (God-given) powerful logic.
I studied political philosophy at XXX University amidst some turned-on Benedictine brothers, and the Just War Tradition in an International Security (deterrence, war-making) graduate program, so philosophical discussions regarding "agent-less" harm, the problem of evil, how can we "know" there is a God, etc., make the most sense to the Christian "me" (apart from my physical, i.e., soulless "container"). Far from adding understanding of my place on this plane, a-theistic, non-Christian, theorizing simply lacks any comprehensive, contextual meaning. Thanks for consistently pointing that out. Your Web site is terrific.
Great site. I really enjoy how thoroughly and thoughtfully you have done your homework. Yes, I know to God goes the glory, but I want to thank you and encourage you for being a good and faithful servant. I will follow up to see how you speak to those who think they are to intelligent to be wise. I am a very well educated believer who has been lead to search for the words to answer the arguments that will lead others to Jesus. I know the Holy Ghost convinces, I just want to help with the introduction.

I've also struggled with the faith (it's not called "faith" for nothing sometimes) and really appreciate an honest, courage-filled, NO CANNED ANSWERS look at the evidence for believing.

Although I grew up in an evangelical home, I've recently felt really drawn back to Him at 33. Your Web site has played a significant role in my "forward-sliding."

Because Christianity is the only major world religion where GOD CAME LOOKING FOR MAN,

PS - I really loved your analysis of the "epistemic chain". More! More!

This site is a breath of fresh air. I have been on line for a couple months and have see the world as it is. My goodness, I have been sheltered. I am a Christian fundamentalist grandmother. I have trouble sitting in church because of the perfumes and other smelly stuff in the air (like eucalyptus decorations and bathroom plug-ins). I am allergic to many things. I miss chatting with Christians and interactive Bible Study. I was looking for a Christian type chat area. I do participate in the secular ones to talk around the world with others. Some are nice and understanding. I am amazed that some young types don't know there is a way of life that does not use the "f" word. I have also been told I will get kicked off the Web for talking about my faith. Ironic isn't it that they think O.K. use popular culture language but that the discussion of God or faith is not permitted. Oh well. Can you send me some connections to Christian interactive discussions or Bible Study?
By the way, you've got a great site... keep up the good work!
I just read the piece you added re my question on long lifespans pre-flood. It's brilliant!! All I need to do now is 1)control my desire to ram it all down my agnostic friend's throat (don't worry, I'm sufficiently aware of the long-term implications of such a move) 2)see if the books from which the info came are accessible in my library. Anyway, thankyou again for putting that on your site-I get really excited every time I see the bible being vindicated yet again.
I always find your writings very affirming; that you don't merely rearrange Scripture and claim that that "answers" everything (the answers ARE there but not always packaged in a way that is accessible to people in general); I liked all the natural law stuff; the universe is so precise, so ordered; it is very beautiful

Thanks for addressing one of the "big questions"

I don't know how many people who read your writing actually move significantly from an a-theistic viewpoint (some, I hope); nevertheless

1) Your site is SO powerful as an example to non-Christians that Christians can be reasonable, loving, honest, humble, etc - what an example of Christ; I am so excited that you have such respect from many non-Christian Web people

2) You must be strengthening the faith of many believers who then go out with greater confidence in our Lord and hence their own witness

3) I think you must know by now how your example has helped me in many ways to move into a closer relationship with the Lord

I believe that I've finally come full circle in regaining the most precious of all things, Jesus Christ. After 3 years in state university life, I began to become more confused about whether or not the faith I had trusted in since early 1981 was founded on truth. After much reasoning & research, I say that it was true after all, and your piece on God helped me to reach that conclusion. Very recently, I became terrified about the afterlife, why I did, I'm not sure. But I thought that I was at the mercy of what/whoever was in control of the universe and beyond. Still, as I don't have any expendable income, I hope that you know of someone in my area who would volunteer to give me spiritual counseling in my efforts to grow back towards Jesus. I live in XXX. I thank you again for your great assistance in pointing me back on to the path and I will certainly be praying for you and your wonderful ministry that I have discovered.
Great Work!

The very clear, sharp, and witty writing of the author! A good, clear apologist can be life changing to people. Keep up the good work!

I just wanted to write to you and thank you. I am presently working on an M.A. in Philosophy and a great deal of the reading I have been doing has been non-theistic. As a result, my confidence in my own epistemic justification of religious belief has suffered. Much philosophical literature is slanted to proffer a negative view of Christianity and the soul. Although I am still struggling with my own worldview as I work on my M.A. thesis on consciousness and qualia..., I am encouraged to read your insightful and thought provoking work. If you have any time, I would enjoy hearing back from you--with any correspondence you can spare.
Masses of data on the NT documents: history, dating, background etc. and related information. Excellent material!
I am amazed at your Web site. You are prodigious in your output. It is quite refreshing overall, and to be bookmarked.
Nice Page! Thoughtful ideas and interesting viewpoints. Good luck (being a Calvinist!) on making the page more accessible
I have been reading some of your stuff at:

So far it has been great. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your remarks.

Keep up the excellent work! I thoroughly enjoy reading the ThinkTank - it's been a lot of help for me in framing and approaching some of the really hard questions.
Greetings, Been scanning the files in you little corner of cyberspace and must say I enjoy your work.
Thanks for this great site!!!

I read books on philosophy. I don't understand a lot of what I read but I try. I am experiencing DATA overload trying to come up with the words to express my appreciation of what this site means to me. It seem that the Christian world at least on the surface is so anti intellectual. I worship at XXX, a congregational church. Thanks again and keep on PRESSING ON.....

Glenn, Thank you so much for the Christian ThinkTank. I found your site at a time when I was very discouraged and had just about lost "faith" in Christian apologetics. Very few apologetics resources ever seem to deal with the sorts of questions that I tend to wrestle with, and when they do they usually end up raising far more issues than they solve. Often, the mediocre sophistry and endless epicycles that so many "apologists" feel constrained to use has left me feeling more than once that if there really were answers to these questions, these presumably "informed" people wouldn't have to play all of the games that they do. It is so encouraging to find someone else who at least has enough faith to ask the really hard questions. My "faith" has been restored. I also want to thank you that you have not included any creation/evolution links which would tend to lessen the credibility of this site in the eyes of many of people I would tend to recommend this to; I know many do try to persuade you to do otherwise. Keep up the good work; you'll never know until eternity just how many people you've blessed. God bless you always.
While I found it easy to reject Catholicism (and later most aspects of main-stream Christianity) at an early age, I found this page fascinating.

I truly commend you for being able to discuss your beliefs in an open and (I think) loving sort of way. I found no hatred of others, a willingness to discuss compassionately your differences, and a general tone of curiosity and thoughtfulness. It didn't compel me intellectually, but It warmed my heart in these days of the Christian Coalition and other hate groups.

Again, I commend your efforts and I wish you well in your efforts. May your God bless you!

I think your site is great and I look forward to watching it grow. What a good job you do - I like the way you think
I've thoroughly enjoyed browsing through your site - several times - the amount of high-quality material at ctt is staggering! Clearly, you've made excellent use of the gifts God has given you.
Just writing to express my appreciation - I found your article on Thallus and J. Africanus to be thoroughly stimulating and invigorating. It has been a long time since I've read analysis of that quality. Thanks very much.
Glenn, I've visited the Think Tank site a few times an have been very blessed by the heart and content. I guess you're a/the major contributor and are doing a wonderful work. Thank you.
I just discovered the Think Tank today. THANK YOU!!!! It provided more than the daily required amount of mental stimulation. It's often hard to find reasoned, critical Christian thinkers...I'm no mental giant, but I do enjoy actual thinking, and will be visiti˙˙˙˙ and ruminating over your page for some time to come. Thank you for all the effort you took to create and maintain it. I will certainly be a frequent visitor and recommend it highly to others.
I'm very thankful for your ThinkTank ministry. It's been a blessing for me, from the time I first discovered your site.
I really enjoy the questions and answers. I also find the in-depth response you give to the issues you address to be very helpful. I have never heard of an apologist who goes into such detail and yet still admits to not knowing everything.
You have a great web site, Gob bless you for that. I really liked your answers to "Is God really the only evil agent in the Universe".
Dear Glenn,

Finally a place where I can find resources for the thinking skeptic and agnostic. It's pages like yours that proves that the Internet isn't necessarily a cesspool of pornography and anarchy and extremism.

I was ecstatic (well not literally--no visions or anything like Teresa of Avila) to find your home page on the Net. I am at work and I don't have time to provide all the reasons why I am drawn to your Christian Think Tank, but suffice it to say that it is what I would create if I had the resources and wherewithal. I do not have the philosophical/theological background that you do (although I have an M.A. in church history from XXX Seminary) but "thinking Christianity" is what I'm all about.

I've not had much time to scan the nooks and crannies of your home page, but I must say, "I'm impressed." I had just been answering a new believer's question on "Does God change His mind?" when I came to your home page during my lunch hour. Offhand, I didn't find anything on God's ineffability, but I'll enjoy going back and searching. I attempted explaining some things about God's preceptive will and the efficacy of prayer within God's sovereignty but he didn't seem satisfied with my answers so I went looking for help and found your place.

P.S. My atheistic cubical neighbor is astounded to find there are other thinking Christians out there.

First, I just want to tell you that I enjoy and am learning from your web page. Thank you for all of the time you have put in.
This is going to be one of my favorite places. I find many wonderful things to ponder, and hope that I may contribute from time to time.
I am fascinated that (1) generally well-reasoned and reasonable opinions appear; (2) they are supported with footnotes and sources, where appropriate.

Although it is not a matter of disinterest with me, I, despite, considerable education and reading, find some of the articles somewhat obtuse in philosophical technicalities and unnecessarily pedantic.

Thanks for your reply to my post to you.

I returned (once again) to your wonderful Web page and browsed in a bit more depth than before. You really have created something quite amazing. I hadn't read your biographical stuff previously, so I was quite amazed to learn that you are a full time computer firm executive - I pictured you as a pastor, teacher, or professor with time on his hands. Now I am simply amazed at how you do it!

Thanks for the Wittgenstein site. I've only browsed it briefly, but this is the sort of thing I'm looking for in an apologetics site.

Your booklist made me drool; about a third of them I hadn't heard of. It's great to be given pointers to intelligent treatments of complex problems (e.g. the Jesus seminar).

I think your treatment of evil and suffering in the short answers section is promising, but weak. (I only skimmed your site, so forgive me if I missed the "big guns") This is, of course, the most difficult area of apologetics. There are two areas to address, the intellectual (philosophical) and the emotional (pastoral). A theodicy can convince on the first level without convincing on the second. Among other projects, I hope to produce an outline response to this argument. Realistically, with other commitments it could be up to two years before I finish it.

Muchos kudos for the web site. I will be recommending it to friends. PS Do you accept "helpful material" for the site that you edit but don't actually write yourself?

Just a note of encouragement to keep up the good work. It must take quite a bit of time and I worry that you might get flooded to a stand- still by incoming mail. Don't grow weary doing well!!!
I just stumbled across your CTT site today and was very impressed with the depth of the discussion. I'll be back again.
Well, I hardly know where to begin except to say I'm going to have an extremely interesting time "mining" your page and its links! I'm a believer from north-central XX, attending a church that rigorously examines few of the issues addressed here, but a church that fascinates and challenges because of God's hand at work. Anyhow, I apologize for the rambling, as I read more and more of all that you've included it sparked one thought after another...
At this point, I am still somewhat overwhelmed by the bulk of information available at your site. It is very impressive. I think the most interesting thing is your discussions on epistemology, and the tough questions you've been answering. Your site has reawakened my interest in apologetics, and has gotten me interested in epistemology (a subject I had not considered seriously before visiting your site).
Just Yesterday I found your Web Page and I am impressed thus far with your work and arguments. My problem at the moment is the time to check all of your references ( you can bet I will be checking anything I find questionable!) I can see that for the most part there are some wacko's out there, aren't there!!!
First off, this site is a great idea and is very well done. The conservative Christian circles I run in offer many good things, but they generally don't offer substantive food for thought or opportunities for clarifying my expression of my faith. I expect this site will fill a great need in my spiritual life. More importantly, it's good to see a place where non-Christians and there intellectual stumbling blocks are taken seriously, but nevertheless confronted firmly.
Remarkable high standards of argumentation. In fact, this is the only religious site I have seen so far whose quality matches that of the Internet Infidel's!
Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for the web site. Haven't sent much time here yet but it looks like it will be beneficial to my learning, Have a special place on my hotlist. I can always use good source to learn and grow more. Thanks again.
Love your website. It's come along at a good time in my life, and has certainly been a challenge.
Let me start by saying that I have enjoyed your discussion on a variety of different issues. I find the clear articulation and effective presentation of your ideas refreshing, especially since I am often confronted by those who share your orthodox views but unfortunately not y our intelligent and coherent argumentation.
Just wanted to thank you for your page. It has been a tremendous encouragement to me in times of doubt here at school. I have been doubting almost every aspect of my faith. I guess I'm 19 so I'm allowed to, but it's kind of frightening to pull out the rug of security again and again. God bless your ministry, and thanks again,
Your incredible erudition. I've visited other "Christian" sites and found them to be rather narrow-minded.
I'm very impressed with the diversity of material and directness of writing style.
Thanks again for your labor for our Lord.

I've been using your material in answering college students questions and for teaching aids. The Trinity material was especially helpful for a two week "short course" for our church's college class.

Thanks for the book reviews. I've picked up and read several items based on your running discussion.

1. Your obvious love of God
2. Your clear intention to seek the truth; "seek and ye shall find"
3. Your willingness to entertain self-doubt and criticism.
4. Belief in a logical God. (My own presumption)
Keep up the good work brother, there is a reward waiting for you.
I have just been looking over your site. It will definitely be of use to me since I have to deal from time to time with some of the issues you deal with. I will definitely be back to benefit from your hard work.

You must be a man of energy who likes to meet challenges and solve problems. I wish there were more of your type around who believe in God and His revelation to humankind.

A rhetorical question: Who pays the money to update and maintain this site on the WWW? Whoever it is, he/they have my thanks!

God bless you, Glen. He is certainly using you. Don't let the attacks of the enemy discourage you and get you down.
The essays you've written. Lessons you've learned, for instance, or "Paul" or "Everything" links. You've an absolutely wonderful writing style, and I'm utterly amazed at your page.
The dialogues. The letters from secular skeptics and believers, followed by your responses. They seemed a bit too dry and philosophical for my taste. While I do love a bit of philosophy now and again, I much prefer it when it's simply put and concise, but much of the letters you receive are longwinded and/or bogged down in technical philosophy-speak, so as to most probably bore and confuse the reader into submission.
You are doing a great service to many. I am grateful and encouraged to know of people like you who can express their faith with courage and wisdom!
Regarding your material on the Net, I like it. Your analysis of the census in Luke is as complete as any I've seen, and well-argued. Keep up the good work.

I confess I find it interesting to find a self-acknowledge Christian in one of the super-high IQ groups. I'm more used to seeing a few cultured despisers of religion and many dispensers of vulgar and thoughtless argument.

It has been a quick look, but I like the sincerity, and integrity of what I have seen.
Thank you for your web page! Thanks for all the work and your desire to share. I sincerely appreciate all the work, even if I can't imagine just how much work is actually here!

Glenn, I love your page. I am in the process of doing something similar, but on a much smaller scale. I wonder if you would grant me permission to use some of your works on my page? Some might be used in whole, others distilled into smaller pieces and I would probably use chunks of some in my own works. For instance, I am doing a piece on "Jesus is God" and I've download the quite extensive work you have done. While I haven't read the entire thing, I've seen enough to know that there are some sections I'd like to use.
I have been cruising the web for a little less than a year now---and I have to say, this is the coolest page that I've found. It's nice to know that there are still some thinking Christians out there. I come from the center of the Bible Belt, and it has always amazed me at how little people know about the facts of their own belief. Thanks for putting this page together.
Let me take this opportunity to tell you that your ThinkTank has been a great help to me, as I often deal with tough questions in my arguments with myself and with others. Your willingness to think through tough questions and try to answer them, and your honesty and humility, are greatly needed by many, as you know. Thanks for following God's call to you!
Excellent site! As a Net Newbie, one of my first searches was Apologetics. I had wondered if anyone had constructed a worthwhile website. I was pleased to see that you've been toiling at this for years. I know that MANY have benefited from the work that God has performed through you. I know it has helped me.
THIS IS THE BEST INTERNET I HAVE FOUND. I look forward to visiting it regularly. I already e-mailed a close friend who is a youth pastor at a Presbyterian church in XXX and told him about your site. He has a special interest in philosophy and will love your pages. Keep up the great work brother!
Glen, What an interesting web page! And what an interesting person you are. I was pleased to see that you are a Christian, that you like to seriously engage your brain, that you read The Door, and that you like Stevie Ray Vaughan-esque music.
In general I have found this site to be a huge blessing.

In general, it is refreshing to find a Christian investigating such intellectual questions, an arena that American Christians have abandoned for too long with (IMHO) disastrous effects. More specifically I have enjoyed the work that you have done supporting the reliability of the NT documents and the orthodox understanding of what exactly was going on in first century Palestine. Also, your treatment of the common objections to Christianity (as in "Thumbnails" and "Tough Questions of the Quarter") have been very helpful.

It's wonderful. And I love your conversational and easy-going presentation; it makes this site a very enjoyable one to visit!!
Everything seemed pretty interesting. I just loved your overall intellectually dedicated, powerful, and humble approach. the Kingdom needs a lot more of this.
I am not a Christian myself, but I must say this is the best Christian site on the Web. Your arguments are very nicely thought out.
It is very encouraging to see your Web Page. One becomes aware that one's understanding of faith and reason as not only not opposed to each other but positively complementary (possibly two sides of the same coin even?) is not a lonely one. "Love God with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul and all your strength" has always mean to me a commandment to love Him with all our faculties ("strength") our whole being ("all your soul") hence the presence of both "heart" and "mind" in the list. Nothing is redundant when it comes to inspired scripture...
So once more, I pray that you will keep up the good work on the web and continue to be a light unto this otherwise pretty dark work of ours. May the grace of our lord be with you always.
Hi, Glenn. I just wanted to say for openers that yours is the best apologetics site I've seen in my (admittedly short) time on the net. I read apologetics texts (at least those available at my local Christian bookstore) as a hobby, and rarely have I seen arguments so reasonable and logically laid-out.
One small problem with your site is that you tend to use terms more suited to philosophers and theologians than "reg'lar folks" like me (for crying out loud, I'm only in high school). Maybe a definitions page somewhere for those of us who hate thumbing through dictionaries? :>)
I thought I'd throw it your way because, sincerely, your Web site is about the best apologetics Web site I've seen. I thoroughly enjoy browsing it.
I enjoyed your writing - it dances like F. Nietzsche's!
This is a fascinating, mind-(and soul) altering site. Thanks for your efforts!
I really enjoy your ThinkTank. It is a real blessing to me. It has encouraged me to be broader in my thinking about how God deals with the world. Also, it has made me aware of excellent scholarly resources favorable to Christianity of which I was previously not aware.
Hello! I'm just an "apologetics enthusiast" from Malaysia who's very impressed with your work. I don't have any questions - YET! But... I'll be keeping track of your writings - so do keep up the great work!
I have been surfing through your web pages on and off for several months. I am impressed with the breadth and depth of the materials presented here.
Finally: This is the best one-stop resource I have ever found on the monumental subject of religion. Thanks ever so much for being here on the web.
I loved it! every moment spent within the fishbowl of thought was bliss! thank you so much for this, I have bookmarked it and will link it from my homepage. excellent. (isn't it great to get an edifying letter? I meant every word.)
Thanks so much for the wonderful site. I enjoyed browsing through it tonight and will certainly be back. I am going tomorrow night to a meeting of "seekers" who are assembling to discuss the sort of questions that you are addressing here. I will be certain to relay the http to them so that those who have access may come here and have the opportunity to see what you have to offer them. I praise God for your obvious attention to detail. I could spend hours and hours here. I hope that I will someday be able to have such a site like yours. Continue using your gifts to the Glory of God!!!
firstly I'd like to commend you on your amazing website; I am already using your "books to read" considerably.
First of all, I'd just like to say that I think that this page is fantastic! I'm a young Christian apologist trying hard to defend the faith, and this page is just chock full of wisdom, humor, and hope. Keep up the good work!
I really enjoyed the time I spent here. I will mostly likely come back to take a deeper look around. I am dealing with the question, "What must I simply take on faith, and what must I dissect concerning God." But I do believe, as you have stated, that God is not afraid of our questions.
Glenn, I have been searching for Christian sites for about six months. I have hit the jackpot and thank you Jesus. I spent some time this afternoon looking at your Vortex. Your thoughts are a breath of fresh air.
I'm overwhelmed by the total package. Comic relief is good, but that's true of everything I took time to look at.
Your articles and Sunday School Outline are written at a very high level. I enjoy it because it challenges me to stretch and to have a dictionary ready but you might include some info that is more simplistic for some.

I have always yearned to understand the historicity, apologetics, etc. I want to someday teach and I have found the goldmine for all research and questions and answers here and all over the internet. I have especially enjoyed your approaches to the issues, your responses to critics (James Still) and your utmost honesty. I will be surfing this site often and look forward to future info. May God continue to Bless your work.

Just a note of encouragement. I've recently begun to engage in an email discussion with someone I recently met on the Internet. In my first email, I sent him a list of my favorite Christian email sites, yours being one of them. As it turns out, he had already spent a lot of time on Wittgenstein's Net and ranks it among his favorites as well.

So, as I'm sure others have by now discovered, your web page is serving as a focal point for Christian virtual community. My pen pal and I share a deep desire to cultivate the life of the mind, and have a burden for the American church to enlarge itself similarly. We share the challenge of working out our faith with busy careers, marriages, and parenting--the stuff of every day life.

I've been surfing the net for 2 1/2 years now, and am only beginning to understand its potential for developing relationships--to span the globe and communicate almost instantaneously. Thanks for being a focal point for the development of Christian community.

I look forward to going through your notes on Christian Distinctives--Women in the Heart of God.

Anyway, you have a great, much needed ministry going at this site. Your site is one of the most worth while I have seen on the web. I pray (rather irregularly, sorry) that God will help you keep it up.

One last thing: Thanks in particular for the piece on the early church and classical literature. The bit about the Alexandria library was a particular eye-opener and a bit of a relief as well.

Keep up the good work!

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