Some more feedback letters...


Caveat: Years ago, I got a particularly gracious thank-you email, to which I replied, asking the person what piece on the Tank was the one that had been so helpful to them. When they replied, it was apparent that the work which had been so useful to them was a work on someone else's site to which I had linked! It was not even something I had written at all! They had assumed that I had written it (similar to how I get 'blamed' by Christians sometimes for the stuff on the Atheism web that I link to!), because they 'ended up' there. Needless to say, I was "hugely humbled" by the experience (as well as wonderfully amused), and resolved never to ask that question again (heh, heh--even a monkey learns to duck, remember). So, even though the below letters seem to be complimentary, they could all/most be referring to someone else's site and not mine...(the domino theory: if one of them was wrong, how could you believe any of them? duh), rejoice in the beauty of their hearts and expression, but don't assume it has any reference to the Tank...(chuckle).




     I have been visiting your site for about 6 months now, and though much of the material is a bit over my head =) I really enjoy what you have to say. I must say that you really have been an inspiration in my life. Not merely by what you write, but more by the example that you have given me by your life. I have been a Christian since I was 12 years old (I'm 22 years old), and like most Christians, I have had my ups and downs. Christ has never failed me, but I feel like I've failed Him so many times. But there was a time in my life when I did in fact think that I had insurmountable problems in my life. I pouted. I whined. But I did very little to find out how I could get through those problems.


     Then I came to your website. I was touched by your personal story, mainly due to the fact that you had such a burden to communicate the absolute truth of Christ's gospel to people who might not believe that it is in fact truth. I had been blessed by your ministry several times when you wrote an update requesting prayer requests for your daughter. I must admit that I grieved with you deeply over your daughter's death, but I spent close to no time in prayer for her (not because I didn't care). I had become spiritually lazy. A crybaby Christian that I had promised myself I wouldn't be since the preschool days of my Christianity. I thought that I had all the problems, and surely no one could know what it feels like to have problems like me. And then I visit your site, only to find out that you have lost one of the most precious gifts that God has given you. What a tremendous loss! But here's the part of your life that has changed my life Mr. Miller. Throughout this trial in your life, you didn't turn your back on God as I've seen many Christians who experience pain in their lives do. You turned your face to Him. And that's when I realized my spiritual laziness, and my absolute need to turn my entire life over to Him.


     I still struggle every day. And I still falter in my prayer, study and personal life every single day. But, I've also come to realize that God loves me unconditionally. Nothing that I can do can make Him love me any more than He does right now. And my goal in life should be to do whatever I can to make Him happy. I want you to know that I want to begin praying for you daily. For your personal life and for your ministry as they are both so vital to so many people. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the example of godliness that you have given me. Standing in the palm of Christ when the storms rage, rather than trying to jump out of it and swim for yourself. I praise God for your ministry and the lives that it's touched as I'm sure that they are numerous.


     I can't wait to meet you (and your daughter) and family in Glory, and we can bow down together and worship the One who has given us a heart to worship Him. Until then, many blessings to you and your family.


..listen, meager encouragement though this may be, and I am *so* sorry to hear about your daughter's death may the Lord of comforts be comforting you still as no other can.


About having more time to spend on the Think Tank...don't forget how much of an encouragement your PAST stuff there continues to be.  I already feel like I'm drowning as I'm trying to wade through your archives and assimilate all your stuff into the small collection of facts my brain can recall and make use of.

I am very much a Christian.  But I do find a certain kinship with you in your willingness to go ahead and ask the really tough and painful questions and not flinch or quit till the Word of God gives up the answer no matter which way it goes. My life verse is Romans 3:4 "Let God be true but every man a liar".  Thanks for your Biblicity (if that's a word!?!)....

The more I read, the more I'm impressed by the quality of your research and argumentation, and your empathy for those who ask questions, especially Christians who're really troubled by the hard questions that non-Christians ask =:-D.


Thanks Glenn for a really valuable web-site!!!!

Keep up the good work, Glenn!  2 Corinthians 4:8-18  I know that this is probably a difficult Thanksgiving for you and yours.  Please know that your readers are thinking of you and thanking God for you and the Tank and all that it means to so many. 


I think the hall of arguments is the most interesting.  The thing that I am thankful for is your gentle tone in all your documents and especially in your treatment of people and their questions as they struggle or even fight against the Gospel.  I increasingly find interesting your letters from the man behind the curtain, and I try to see what's most current on the tank.

I want to extend my thanks and appreciation and tell you how God used your material.  On Aug 29th, I was reading your website and an article on the "destruction" of the Canaanite people.  That night, I received a call from my cousin who is in a catholic high school.  On the second day of school her religion teacher told the class how the Bible was full of myths and written by ignorant men, etc, etc.  She gave the students an article by a prominent catholic to prove her points.  My cousin called me in tears wanting to know the truth so she called me.        Among the other heresies in the article was a comment that God telling the Jews to  kill all Canaanites and then the "satirical comedy-myth of Jonah" showing God loved  everyone was an example of how God changes His mind in His punishment of sin, and  contradictions in the Bible.  I was able to relay your article to her, and along with other  things address all points of the article and help her maintain faith in God. It was no accident God had me read your article--Thanks. 

Please keep up the great work and ignore those who have railed against you.  I was having a near crisis of faith of the issue of Jehu.  Then I stumble into your site, where you have a specific answer for that specific problem.  I was greatly relieved.


Thank you for your work for Christ.  Again, ignore those who say to you (as many seem to) that because you are not preaching that you are not doing something good for Jesus Christ.

The fact that everything is VERY WELL referenced.  I spent weeks researching some of these questions, only to discover that this site existed, which already contained many of the answers I had found. And, the answers were just as well researched or (in many cases) researched even better (this is not to imply that I regret doing the research myself... I'll continue doing this, but it is always nice to have a cheat sheet :)  ).

Hmmm, I just read your E-mail section and am surprised people are calling you blasphemous and such. 


I have not read everything you lay out on your site, so I cannot say I agree with all you say.  But I do agree with some, and where I don't it is hardly a matter of horror that should have someone saying you are serving the devil.


I read much of you material on women and I was impressed with your ideas and apparent amount of research.  Perhaps I haven't read the part where you say reject Jesus and worship Satan, but I guess I'll keep looking for it. :-)


I appreciate your candor and your refrain from dogmatic assertions.  Instead, like all good logical argumentation, you always qualify your beliefs, which is overwhelmingly honest and unusual.

Dear Glenn,


First let me add my condolences to the many others you have received since the sad departure of your lovely daughter.  I cannot begin to imagine how you must feel. I don't know what to say - except that I am certain that her beauty will fit right in among all the beauty of Heaven. Thanks be to God that you know the power of God and Him whose death and resurrection have removed forever the 'sting' of death'.  YOU WILL SEE HER AGAIN!  AMEN. ALLELUIA!


My main reason for writing is to thank you for the tremendous and decisive scholarship you have lent to the debate about Jesus Christ and the 'CopyCat Savior Myth'.


I don't know how widely read your amazing Christianthinktank is, but I can tell you that at the college where I am teaching students will find out about it! 


I don't know what kind of recognition you are getting for your efforts, but I can tell you this.  The reward God has for you, Glenn, will make all the Nobel prizes, Knighthoods and Pulitzer's in the world look like something out of a Crackerjack box compared to it!

Just wanted to write to express my wholehearted appreciation for the work that you've done here on this website.  I am a 19 year-old volunteer working at a soup kitchen in XYZ., and I have been visiting this site off and on for about two years now.  At a time when my heart (and those of all of my friends) were in the right place while my intellect was adrift about all of my unanswered questions about Christ, your intelligent approach, willingness to listen/consider arguments, and overall commitment to Christ has probably done more good to my relationship with God than I might even comprehend right now.  If I ever come up with any sticking points in my faith that aren't addressed here or at related sites, I trust that God will be able to show you how best to respond to me. 


Take it easy and God bless,

Hi ,

       I have dropped you a line before , but each time I come looking for specific information , I not only find it here , but am consistently amazed at your knowledge and the apologetic gift God has given you . Just came to find info on Jesus words about "hating" your family , I knew it was explained by Hebrew idiom , but not all the details you gave in "hate monger" article in section "over-dex" . This information you have is being sent to someone troubled by those words . I thank God for your life and work and time put into all this . May the lord bless you (and your family) and keep you and make his face to shine upon you , lift up his countenance towards you and give you shalom .

God bless you, brother in the Lord!  I cannot tell you how often your research and answers have helped me with answering the anti-Y'shua group at XYZ 


In fact, this morning I posted your website address to help anyone who has been stumbled or puzzled by the arguments of the many non-believers who constantly try to steal the truth from hearts that are seeking. 


You provide a splendid service for the Lord, and I want to encourage you to continue the work you've begun. 


May God make His presence known to you in a very special way. 


My heartfelt thanks to you!

It's a while since I sent you a word of encouragement.


I thank God for you Glenn.


Christianity on the internet gives thanks for you.


Well done Glenn Miller.


To the glory of God,


Our Rock upholding us, we rejoice, rejoice and again rejoice.


Your article(s) "What is a Christian?" are superb and I think ought to be available in a small booklet people can give to friends. Something that mails inside a Christmas card, sort of thing.


In fact I can see a whole line of booklets on various topics from the Tank that would be perfect to give to people.


Your style is smooth and gentle, but packs great insight. Your writing makes God real and worth knowing to a whole new generation I think.


If we asked God to do booklets for you, you wouldn't have to do it, He could!

My heart broke for you when I learned of your daughter's passing.  While I, too, would have the knowledge that my sons would pass this life to be with Christ, I'm afraid grinding through time while awaiting our reunion . . . would crush my heart.  My tears are real . . . and so is my sorrow for your loss. 


Your work has blessed me more than you'll ever know, and I wish you had never known this sorrow.

Mr. Miller,


I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you have put into this site. I think your site is one of (if not the most) informative web site I have seen on any topic. Your essays and responses to questions cause me to think and have given me a greater understanding of many issues. So thanks again for the site and keep up the great work.

Hello there,


I am a Bible College student and your web site is sort of like a "must read" page. I haven't read all of it but it really looks interesting and it is really an interesting subject.


I just like to say keep it up and you are really doing a fantastic job.

Dear Glenn, I was just perusing through your website again in much more depth, and I just wanted to say: "AWESOME!" You have helped me immensely w/ my faith and my walk w/ Jesus. Your honesty and integrity shine through in your writings. God Bless and Happy Holidays!

I just stumbled across your web page about a week ago and have been thoroughly enjoying each and every article I've read.  Thank you for all this information!


I was blessed by your testimony: "How I made it through it all..." I feel like we're soul brothers. Press on!

Dear Glenn,


Thank God for giving me a chance to visit such a good web-site.  Thank God for giving you a good processor in serving Him.  You do not have to reply to me.  I will be praying for you, your family and this web-site in Singapore.

Keep on your good work and continued to be faithfuly to our Lord Jesus Christ. 

For the past few days, I have been immersed in your website. First the apologetics, excellent research in answering all the questions...Some of which I've had during my Christian walk, some I hadn't even begun to think through...Thank you for your perseverance and for being there.


Then I was interested in "Who IS this man?" So I followed up on your personal story, as presented through all the bits of data on your site. I've just met Britt and read about her from  her friends and family. I've read your journal, and your urgent prayer request during that dark time.


For someone whom I might never meet on earth, but who I'll definitely look up when I get to heaven (along with CS Lewis and George McDonald)--here's hoping to sit and talk  and share just one of your 10,000+ days/years...I'd like to meet you there and introduce you to my husband and friends, and let them see who brought such joy in my life these two days with such clarity of thought and love for Jesus.


May God Bless you and your family in the years/eons to come....

I have spent a fair amount of time now in your tank and I really enjoy it. It gives me a new perspective on so many issues.  I can just imagine the time it must take to research and ponder the questions you receive.  I pray the Lord returns your time to some fashion.  I pray for you nearly every day Glenn.


You asked how I am doing NOW.  Looks like you take the discipleship aspect of new believers seriously...thankyou.  I can imagine the mail volume you must receive.  I am doing very well and growing in leaps and bounds.

Mr. Miller,


I don't have the words to tell you what your ministry has done for me and to me in the short amount of time since I first encountered it.  My wife and I read the speech you gave at your daughter's funeral and both of us wept and were greatly uplifted by your words.  Your faith. Your hope and honesty about the tragedies of the human heart and of sin and of your own failures and of the preciousness with which you saw your daughter. 

For me, a Pharisee who for two years sought theology and apologetics because I believed that in doctrine and in beating up unbelievers I could mend the fractures from the faultlines that even as a believer continue to send massive upheaval in my soul, I find your honesty and intellectual integrity and your thoughtfulness and your loving approach for unbelievers so sweet.  So sweet, Glenn.  I honestly wish I could be more like you.  Not merely the philosophical rigor with which you approach all questions.  Yes, I do wish to own but a shadow of your integrity and bravery and honesty in those endeavors.  But more than that, it is the humility and the way you wear your heart on your sleeve; vulnerable, sweet in your honesty about yourself.  God works in our weakness.  He seems to have a sensibility towards the weak, doesn't he my friend? 

I love you very dearly, Glenn.  I was afraid to write that to you, for all sorts of insecurities.  But I do; I genuinely do.  And I have begun to pray for you, my friend, and want so much to somehow be of some assistance to you.  We are presently a fairly poor couple, my wife and I.  I am 24; she 26.  Presently, I work as a XYZ for a small market research firm in ABC, just starting out in life (still a newlywed of about 2 months).  Soon, I hope for the two of us to start getting on our feet and not suffering from the burden of lack of money to pay the basics in life.  In that time, I'd like to support your ministry.   I don't know what I can give, but I want to give.  The reality of my sinful self-righteousness is with me all the time, and yet I am compelled by Christ to come to Him, daily -- or as you put it so well in a letter somewhere, taking daily the manna that has been provided for that day and that day alone -- and receive rest from the One who is humble in heart.  Thank you, Glenn, for all your efforts, for all your tears and honesty and airing out your soul for all of us.  TO me, the blessing is in watching you.   Not from learning for you -- though I do learn from you.  But from watching the race you run.  Tonight, with my wife -- unless I forget  (sometimes I think I'm senile) -- we will lift you up in prayer.


your expectant friend, anxious for our handshake in heaven

I also wish to tell you that last night I played the audio file of the speech you gave at Britt's was a truly truly beautiful few moments of realizing just how much love God has put into your heart and home in the person of Britt...I too wept as if I was there...and I woke up this morning asking God to fill me with the kind of seriousness and utmost commitment which you still show Him in spite of everything you've been and are going through.


        Do continue holding on to Him and blessing/encouraging others in the have certainly been an encouragement to me and you can be assured that the 'ripple-effect' of your faith will be felt all over the place...:)

I've just had a good look at the "...if Jesus didn't stay dead, how could His death have been a REAL sacrifice?" question and your answer. It's easily the best approach I've come across in quite a few years of looking at this question. I'm sure many others are encouraging you but I do want to put fingers to keyboard and say thanks for all the work you've been doing.


I've followed your site since 1994 and well, still I come back to it time and time again - as a student, IT professional, missionary and now IT professional again. You've been a real encouragement to me over the years and helped me in thinking stuff through. I don't know how you find the time to work and research and write, but I am very grateful that you do. Take heart and stay encouraged.

Hello!  I just want to say that since discovering your website several years ago, I have been extremely blessed. I've even used information gathered from this site to answer some skeptics in my life.

I like the scholarly responses to questions that are posed by skeptics and/or concerned Christians.  I think the Christian community has a tendency to answer the legitimate questions of other Christians with vague spiritual statements of faith.  I like the fact that you seek to actually explain these things in hard detail to show that one does not need blind faith to know that Biblical events are true.

You are a rare soul who combines keen intellect, breadth of study and knowledge, spiritual insight, and grace in a near-perfect balance.  I hold little hope for meeting you in this life, but I look forward to our conversations in the next.  Keep up the amazing work and may our Father continue to bless you and your ministry at the Tank.

Just wanted to say that your Tank was a tremendous blessing to me at a time when my own "tank" was very low!


As we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord, I would like you to know that you and your entire family are in my prayers, not just on this occasion but always.  I pray that as we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace,  his peace may descend upon you and comfort you.



I have found myself drawn to your website, and your analyses of topics presented there, but most urgently by your actions/reactions, writings and insights regarding the apparently untimely death of Your daughter Britt.


It broke my heart to read (and somewhat experience) your own  experience as you related it.


Never before have I been reminded so well that both love and fear have built-in vulnerabilities ....


. but I will continue to say that given a choice, I will chose the path of Love each time, even if it means walking over broken glass ... I Thank you for this.



From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for sharing what you  have shared (even though I did not learn of your specific experience until within the last 30 days).


Hey great web site!!! You provide a lot of valuable information and provide in a way that U are all things to all men (St. Paul would be proud!). Keep up the great work, this page I'm sure will witness to a credible example of the Living Christ.

Dear Glenn, I very much appreciate your work. You have given me a whole new role model which to follow in future in the way to the City of God

Greetings and salutations,

My name is XYZ and I live in ABC and I  am writing to say "Thanks" for reasons that you would never( and I could never explain) understand.  I also am writing to  offer my assistance in helping with the "tank"  I have no  "formal" (i use this term loosely) theological training, I  however have spoken at least a million times or so to the  founder of the faith.  I'm not quite sure if I am an authority  yet; but I am quite certain I am an able and willing servant. Please respond!! (I hope that sounded desperate enough)  I  also pray that this letter finds you well (physical) and in  good spirits.  I hope that this does not seem silly, but  I have cried many tears in hindsight for you, my family  (my wife and my daughter pray for you often)

Just wanted to say I enjoy your web site and keep coming back to dig a little deeper often.  I have tremendous respect for the obvious digging and searching you have done in your quest for intellectual satisfaction/justification for the "truth" you know by faith in your soul.

I was very encouraged by your writing and am up til 4 am reading. I too was worried that to become a Christian you must suspend belief in order to enter the room.  Your emphasis on questioning and truth is exactly what I'm seeking. Thanks for all that effort, whew you can write.

This is possibly the greatest page I have ever seen.  I am actually a college student who is a major in religion at a secular university and a lot of your information helps to confirm my faith.

Wow.  Your site is very impressive.  I am a philosophy graduate student, just coming into serious contact (maybe what you would call 5th-6th level?) with many problems in the philosophy of language, ontology, etc.  I am also a Christian.


I may plague you sometime in the future with some questions regarding esp. "The Linguistic Wall"... but for now, I simply want to say "thanks" for dedicating so much time and effort to what you do.  It's very much of an encouragement for someone like me to see such an extensive and profound resource compiled by one man.

I would like to thank you for your site.


I think too many Christians are willing to just blindly believe everything that Christianity proposes without fully analysing what they are believing.


I am only seventeen years old, and I already struggle with many philosophical issues of Christianity and scientific issues too. I am studying philosophy at A-level.


It is brilliant that you have established this resource...after some debates I am left wondering whether what I believe is true or a delusion.


This material has helped me to firmly root my beliefs.

Thanks for sharing the Realvideo presentation from you daughter.  Wow!


I have three (young) daughters and hope that they will be able to say the similar things about their mother and me, should they have the opportunity.

Dear Glenn, Thank you for emailing me the information...I really do appreciate it.It helps Glenn, believe me. I never would've guessed what an adventure becoming a Christian is. So many questions. So many turns. Every day I seem to learn something new. Thanks for keeping it real for an opinionated fool such as myself. Your website has helped me to grow and to live.(where I was once withering and w/out hope) Just this week, after Scrolling through The Hallway Of Questions-which is my usual routine-and brooding upon some of the questions ,I decided to click on your personal info (which ,After finding this site 2 months ago, I never thought of doing-I'm pathologically introverted)The first thing that hit me was The untimely loss of your beautiful daughter Britt. I know There's nothing I can say that can lessen the hurt. and I wish I could because you've helped me immensely, But I do pray for the family and you.( It doesn't feel right communicating this on a computer screen-it seems detached or something, but my heart IS w/ you and the family)And after reading some of your reflections, I found myself in tears. Some of what you wrote really hit home to me, and I know this is rather presumptuous  to say, but I DO believe God was speaking through your heart when you wrote these reflections. They are just too pure. Well, I gotta go now(dinnertime)Thanks again.


P.S. I also love Remo Williams and Kung Fu movies (smile)

I'd like to thank you for all your hard work.  I've just read your prayer list and know some of your struggles, and I had to write.  I would offer some encouragement by saying that you have helped me out a lot.


I have some questions too, but I'd just like to thank you.  Your effort really pays off in my life.  I ask God to answer your prayers,  guide your daughters, heal your illness and allow you to continue the ministry you've started.


Thanks for posting these apologetics on the Web - I've found them to be tremendously helpful in working through questions of my own and helping others - Christians and skeptics alike - to locate answers to tough questions.


First off I'd like to say thanks for maintaining  The Christian Thinktank.  This site has been a  terrific source of answers for some of my difficult questions and has actually inspired me to consider pursuing apologetics as a career, or at least as a second field of study (I'm currently a computer science major)

I want to start off by first saying that I'm glad that you're doing much better, and that you are in my prayers.  The reason I write you this email is to thank you for your most recent addition to the Tank.  I frequent a particular discussion group, where a skeptic (I'm hesitant in using that term...other skeptics might not appreciate it) started using Numbers 31 as an opportunity to try to claim God is unjust and amoral.  For a long time, I hadn't participated in the debate that ensued...rather, I sat back and watched how both sides addressed the issue.  After doing some research, my suspicions were confirmed that he was only parroting off (a practice I've noticed that many of them do) almost verbatim what another website had said. Strangely, in the email to you that had necessitated your response, many of the analogies used were also the same.  At any rate, I had reached a point of frustration where it seemed like nothing would quiet this guy.  I had been praying for some time for the truth to be made known on this.  I had searched fairly thoroughly to see if there was a website that gave an apologetic on the topic, and found none.  I emailed the gentleman who runs the Tekton Apologetics Ministry (pardon me if I don't know what his first name is...I only have the initial), and he replied with a few links to your site, though they hadn't quite addressed the issue at hand.


    I decided to do an in-depth study (with what little knowledge and resources I possess of the events), and came across Deuteronomy 20, which seemed to give clear guidelines to the Israel's conduct in battle.  It supports what happened in Numbers 31, however.  After further studies, I began to postulate an outline for an essay to write and post.  I was going to do it strictly from within the context of the scriptures (I had no extra-biblical historical data).  October 10th rolled around, and I had noticed you updated your site, and specifically, two articles which set out to address this (especially the one in regards to the Amalekites).  What was written was far more in-depth than I was capable of writing, and hit the nail right on the head.  This was one of the few times in my life where I truly felt the excitement of a child (while not being of age *grin*), seeing that huge present sitting under the Christmas tree.  Is it any wonder that Jesus called for us to be more childlike?


    Anyhow, again I want to thank you.  I would like to become a more capable apologist, and I have perused your recommended books list.  I don't have much of a library now, but I do have a desire to learn, and share the reason for my hope (1 Peter 3:15).  Thank you again, Glenn, and God Bless you.

Dear Glenn

Let me first say that I find your magnum opus (site is too small a word) quite magnificent and an extremely useful resource. One has the feeling that you donned Lewis's mantle and are running with his baton.

And finally, from the other viewpoint...


Of course, I don't think THIS guy is misled about it being my writing


"Ludwig Wittgenstein would tell you your head is shoved firmly up your ass."




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