Dear Visitor...


Well, well, well...

Seems I have spent the last two months in reading, thinking, traveling, suffering.

Several of you have noticed the slowness of my postings. I HAVE done considerable reading (without being able to finish to the point of write-up) in several areas. I have spent probably 60 hours this month alone doing private emails to many of you. [In the last week, I have cut my inbox down from 570 emails to 270...but I get 20-40 a day, so I don't expect it to stay low very long.]

And, as some of you surmised, I have also be deluged by the challenges I mentioned in my previous letter (plus another one or two!)...

I want to point out some new things about the Tank. First, I have started a new section called "Thumbnails". These are first-person responses I WOULD MAKE to traditional questions about the faith one might get at the office, on the street, at home, or on the campus. These are NOT documented (at least no initially) since that would not be available in on-the-spot conversations. They are intended as both summaries of my understandings, and as potential suggestions for how to communicate some of this material. I have 8 done now, and will be adding them as they come up in the correspondence.

I have also added a Bookbag section--in which I talk NOT about the books I am buying, but about the books I am reading (and therefore carrying on airplanes in my briefcase/bookbag) [PAGE DELETED].

Also, I wanted to give a list of books I would recommend for every Christian student and likewise for Christians in intellectually-charged life situations. These are generally not specific-topics oriented, but of broad utility, including encouragement. The list as it sits currently:

Finally, I want to indicate the areas I will be concentrating ("Lord willing") on for 1996:

And of course, I want to thank all of you--believers and skeptics alike--for the interaction and engagement that you granted me, which undoubtedly moved ALL of US farther along our spiritual journey.

May this holiday season confront you all with His heart...

Glenn Miller

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