The day after Thanksgiving 1998,

I wanted to post a quick update here on my new business plans. Several of you have inquired about more details, have offered help for prayer, and even have offered making donations(!)—even though I am not a non-profit venture, of course.

I am so encouraged and so touched by your response. I sit here in this little room, typing and reading and thinking and praying, and it is so easy to lose the awareness of the interconnectedness of the universal body of believers, the organic unity of those who love the Lover. Although God has been growing me in ‘reverse recluse mode’ recently through my church and my girlfriend, my life still calls for large amounts of ‘think, study, and brood’ time alone. (Of course, there are always the 1,543 emails in my inbox to remind me of the extended cyber-community!!!!). Some of you have been praying for this project (in various forms) for a couple of years, and it seems as if this might be the season of God’s blessing and action in this arena.

I want to sketch out the general project, and suggest some specific areas in which I need prayer (and maybe even some phone help).

As many of you know, I have been in the MIS/IT field all my life, working as everything from programmer to mainframe operator to CIO. One of the most critical needs of IT practitioners and executives (I learned over the years) was for business skills and understanding. Too often we were unable to communicate with the business units and other departments simply because of lack of business knowledge and business training. They had their acronyms (NPV, IRR) and we had ours (SDLC, TCP). In addition, there was a crying need for IT executives to be able to determine and communicate the business/financial/organizational value of their IT function to other senior executives.

Over the years I have found little to address these two areas (within today’s work stress and schedules!). So…About 7-8 years ago, I designed a series of courses—specifically for IT workers/execs--on the major business functions. Each course was designed for tech-types who already think conceptually and logically. These courses (accounting, finance, sales, marketing, management and HR, strategy and competition, the 3 types of businesses) were constructed so that IT people could see the inner logic of each function (without learning how to actually do the function as a worker in the department!), and therefore understand their ‘customers’ better, and be able to communicate with them better. (Not to mention increasing the effectiveness of ‘business alignment’ and enhancing their career marketability). Each course will be between 5-10 hours of videotape.

And I recently designed a course for IT execs ("Communicating IT’s Value"), to enable them to put together strategies and tactics to facilitate measurement and demonstration of the business value of their IT efforts and organization. It is chock full of ‘political advice’ and tactics for building strong business partnerships with the business units.

The plan is to videotape each of these courses here in my apartment (I have already taped two of them), and create multimedia videos (and/or CD’s) for sale over the Web. I would create these courses and no others, and not have to update them in the future (the basics and logic never change). I would sell these via a web-site (plus my personal connections in the IT executive world), shopping cart technology, on-line credit processing, and outsourced fulfillment vehicles. At some point in the future, the only business requirements demanded of me would be that of basic monitoring the flow of orders and money, thus creating large amounts of workday time freed up to do Tank work. That, coupled with not having to travel 50-70% of the time(!) as in my previous position, would perhaps allow me to make some progress on the 700-800 question in TankBackLog! Such is the dream, that now has become a hope…

 My specialty is the content and design, outsourcing reduces the workload of distribution/operations, but my challenge will be creation/production. I have no money for production services, of course, since I have to live off the money I have during the few months of cushion I have. Hence, I am scrambling to learn the production tools I bought, so I can quickly create the output that I can already visualize.

The tools I work with now:

I am making good progress in learning these tools, but I could really use an expert or two in the last two apps (macromedia and Ulead) to be able to call on occasion over the next 3-6 weeks for quick ‘how to’ help. [For example, I need to know how to put DIFFERENT text on the different faces of a 3d cude in E3D, sorta like dice—so far I can only get it on 1 side, or the same text on ALL sides.]

Specific prayer items for the project:


Most of the difficult and intense work will be over the next two months (my financial projections indicate that I have to sell 10 of these courses by end of January or so, which means I have to get several of them ready by end of December!), so if you could ‘front load’ your prayer support for this period I would be very, very appreciative.

This is a big step for me, and God knows my heart on this—I really, really, really want to help His people and to display the beauty of the character of God and the trustworthiness of His word to more…

So often in the past when I dared to hope, it turned out to be only naivete (proverbs 28.19: "He who works his land will have abundant food, but the one who chases fantasies will have his fill of poverty.") or even denial on my part…but I sense (cautiously) that this is different, that somehow God is ‘in this’, and I walk in confidence of His guidance and in commitment to acceptance of the outcome.

Thanks so much for your interest and support,

Glenn Miller

(Glenn M. Miller Seminars, P.O. 700446, San Jose California, USA, postal zipcode 95170-0446)

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