Feedback that makes me look with awe at the Time-Tapestry (when I can see it through my tears)...

I am writing to let you know that your website was the catalyst for my decision to follow Christ. As a result of the efforts and prayers of a wonderful friend,I had begun to consider the possibility of the reality of God and Christ. But I had been putting off the real work of making a decision. On a particularly bad day in my life (XXX, 1996) I was feeling great despair over my own personal circumstances. For 'some reason', I began browsing the religion section of the internet. I found your document. As I read, I felt somehow that the pieces all began to fit. I had been waiting for God to do something amazing so that I could believe. What I began to see was that He had already done it, in Jesus.

Your description of Christianity as trusting in Jesus to repair my relationship to God was what I needed to hear. I didn't need to trust myself, my faith, my feelings or anything else but Jesus. When I got to the prayer part, I was ready. I knew that it was now or never, so I chose now. It has been the best decision of my life.

I did go through many of the feelings you described. There were days when I was convinced I had made it all up, days when I thought I couldn't do it anymore. But I just kept going back to God for His help, and He has slowly been building my faith ever since. This past Sunday in my church, my pastor spoke about our spiritual fathers and mothers, those people through whom we came to know the Lord. He encouraged us to write or call or visit them to let them know the impact they have had on our lives. So I am writing to let you know and to thank you for the words of hope and truth that I found on your site. May God bless you and continue to use you to His glory.

Let me thank you so much for your web site. You have not answered all my questions, but you have in some ways saved my life again. God instilled in you a knowledge and a gift that I need. I am a freshmen in College studying Business. Questions of the world and the metaphysical realm have increased since arriving to an institution of academia. I do not mean to take up too much of your time, but I just find it amazing how many parallels in your life and your thinking to what I needed.

Growing up in a strong Christian background, I found solace and peace in my life. I come to College and I feel as though Business and knowledge say that my religion and faith and ideals in life is just me being "emotionally unintelligent". It is just my imagination. I love by the way in your quotes the one by Sigmund Freud. Reality sucks! That is how I have felt. Well, I do not mean to get psycho analytical on you, but suicide has crossed my mind more than once. Not just thinking it, but actually planning it.

From what a therapist has told me, that is the danger zone. You have saved me. I will continue to grow and think. Thinking is the scariest thing I do now though. I know you are busy.

By the way unless it is not supposed to be public information, may I ask who you are. I guess it does not matter, but I am sure I might know who you are. I follow many top executives in the computer industry. I may be an MIS major. It just may give me some extra confidence.

Hey Glenn, Peace.

No, you had not answered the question about St. John, and the significance of raising Lazarus until just now, but I do heartily thank you for your trouble.

At first, when I received no reply, for some reason I took it a bit personally. But, I continued to scan the CTT because you have such wonderful references and I like the way you deal with problems, even if I don't agree with everything. Then I realized the enormity of the task you have undertaken, even as a "hobby". Wow.

At any rate, the whole experience was to heighten my appreciation for your efforts and your devotion to the Lord. Thanks so much for getting back to me with your thoughts on the Lazarus raising. Do know that people are praying for you. Happy Thanksgiving.

Gday Glen.

My name is ZZZ. I have arrived at your site through Lambert's links, first let me thank you for explaining a number of things to me.

The way that you suggested that I contact GOD through JESUS,GREAT STUFF I needed someone to make it easy for me and that's what you Did. Glen, must say I had myself a good laugh at the dum de dum de dum bit, and could you please tell me what"MAALOX/DRAMAMINE"is. Is it some kind of medication.

A little info on me born in XXX came to YYY in 1950 with my parents, had a Christian upbringing but was ALWAYS fearful of God, as a result of a Catholic/Protestant Father and Mother, was a bit mixed up. I am a grateful member of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is my firm belief that the twelve steps of A.A. is amplified Christianity, and my God brought me there. Now Glen I have Amplified Bible, and a twelve step recovery Bible so tomorrow I will start reading as per your sound advice, EPHESIANS,PHILLIPIANS.etc. If I have any problems with the readings would you mind if I got in touch with you for an explanation? Once again Glen sincere thanks.


Although I've been stopping by the Tank somewhat regularly for three years now, this is the first email/feedback I've ever sent. I found the Tank under a search for "apologetics" in my freshman year of college (I'm a senior now) browsing on a sorry little text-only 286 in the library (my school can be behind the times). Since then, I've been amazed at the quantity and consistent quality of your writing. Your careful research, clear logic, and personal humility are always refreshing.

I come from a pretty sheltered evangelical/fundamentalist background, and I was broadsided in college by liberal views of Christianity from professors whom I respect. My faith was shaken more than once. (It's always been pretty shakable.) Your site has been a major help to me in sorting out what I do believe and in filtering the different data and opinions that come my way. When I am hit with what seems like an insurmountable problem with my beliefs or startled by some bizarre theory, I can usually find help in your well-documented commentary. It is not very common (at least in the small circles I move in) to find someone who thinks that God isn't afraid of our questions. Either the questions are denied (Don't you have enough faith? shame on you!) or God is trivialized as irrelevant to real life. This site is invaluable to restless thinking types like me who take Jesus seriously when he says to love the Lord your God with all your mind.

Thanks again for all of the work that you put into this site. It has made a big difference in at least one person's life.

My name is XXX. And I have just read your booklet. I have been so confused on this issue and I thank you for such a simple way to look at the relationship between myself and God. Please if you can send me a list of places in my area that you recommend I visit.

I think you are brilliant and I LOVE your webpage. I have been telling friends, professors and even my pastor about your page. I am a sophomore at XXX College majoring in Philosophy and Religion. I have just gotten my feet wet in the area of philosophy and I must say that you and the Thinktank have been quite beneficial to me.

Your integrity, scholarship, honesty, and commitment to faith have been an encouragement to me and a source of inspiration. I can't say enough good things about the Christian ThinkTank and I pray (really) that God will continue to use you and the ThinkTank to touch the lives of others. God bless you Glenn and thank you for allowing God to use you.

I am impressed! I am a pastor of a small, rural church in XXXand am pursuing my theological degree. I have found your sitevery helpful in my studies and in my teaching ministry. I hopeyou will continue to provide this valuable service for a long timeto come.

Thank you very much for giving of the talents and abilities thatGod has blessed you with for His glory. I think you are making adifference for the Kingdom of God. I look forward to my regularvisits to your site. May God bless your efforts. .............................


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