A Letter from a former alcoholic...

Dear Glenn!

Thank you for helping me finding the way to a whole lot of things, good things, happening in my life....I am a man, 40+ years of age, from XXX. From deep in my heart I am a born sceptic, analyzing, mistrusting soul...but your pages have helped me to dare believe in Jesus Christ as a real possibility, a light in the darkness. I used to think of Christianity as an okay thing - mostly for people who couldn't manage their lives on their own (like I could...). I used to pray with my children before bed-time, feeling good but not really believing - and not daring to check it out. Somehow I would rather stick to the uncertainty and give the whole thing the benefit of the doubt, -than to investigate the matter closer, which would almost certainly make the bubble burst...my brilliant mind, you know!

But since getting on the Internet and thus in touch with - in particular - your pages, I have dared to look behind the curtain. And I find beauty and peace. I have found, what I was looking for...I have been an alcoholic for about 20 years of my grown-up life. I was about to lose my family, a lovely, loving wife and two beautiful boys because of my heavy drinking problem. But through the grace of the lord, -as I now see it, I came in touch with the AA organisation, which, at least in my special case, I regard as an instrument of the lord to cure me and at the same time save me into his light. For almost two years now I have not felt the slightest thirst, and that is a true miracle. Because I have no doubt, that if I had felt that I had to struggle, I would certainly have lost....and lost all.

And that is not all! I was a heavy smoker as well, -20-30 cigarettes a day. One day I was standing outside my house I said almost jokingly: "Well, Lord, I really have tried to quit these lousy cigarettes (and I really had tried with all kinds of helping remedies: Hypnotizing tapes, medical nicotine surrogates...you name it), now you can take over..." And he certainly did. Later that evening I lit a cigarette but did not feel like smoking it, and handed it over to my wife...and that was that. I have not felt any desire for smoking for 14 months now. So I truly feel blessed and that the blessing is for all of my house.

I just like you to know, that on last New Years Eve - following your instructions - in one of your documents, I invited Jesus into my life and asked him to change me into his light...an I think that he- in his own way - is doing just that. I plan to write you back with more news sometime. You are in my prayers every night.....from out here in the middle of cold, stormy but blessed XXX. Be blessed...

I personally have noticed over the decades that the freedom and deliverance that comes from Jesus Christ is sometimes dramatic, as in the case above, but oftentimes less so--involving struggle, and failure, and patience...The Lord knows our hearts and knows what 'program' we need to be on to grow us into the people He and we will be pleased of...I can find no real 'pattern' to it, other than growth, development, gratitude, and sensitivity seem to be maximized in ANY particular pattern of deliverance.

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