I generally get good 'reviews' from the skeptical community...(at least those that leave feedback)

I consider myself an agnostic (or humanist), I am 23 years old (turning 24 pretty soon), and I'm a 4th year undergraduate student in geology at the University of ZZZ I'm certainly no genius (hell, I can't even pass my mathematics course), but I try to understand the best I can about life and that's all I can do. I'm a member of the Humanist Association of Canada, and from the Secular Web I subscribe to Farrell Till's errancy list...

Overall, I found your website quite interesting and I plan to check it out often. You seem like a nice guy too (a refreshing change from other conservative Christians I've seen).


I like where you're going with this thing. If anything, it is provocative to the skeptic (me): he who sees contradiction in all things, including the Law of Non-contradiction.

I found "Wittgenstein's Net" to be quite an onslaught. The elaborate machinery that you bring to bear is impressive. Still, I am not convinced and will drop you a comment spelling out at least one point of contention that I have.


You address many of the tough issues that Christian apologists often won't touch. (from a non-Christian skeptic)


Glenn - I think that you have the best apologetic site on the web. Thanks for not quoting Rom 1:18-32 to prove that atheists don't exist or Ps 14:1 to prove my alleged foolishness. I look forward to further reading your material. Cheers. (Atheist)


I found the whole thing quite refreshing ; there is rather too much "apologetics" for my liking but at least it is honest ; it has links to other sites & documents which disagree with it, which is unusual for Christian sites in my experience.

And no sign of Pascal's Wager (hooray !)

Whole thing looks worth browsing round, I've just had a quick scan (so to speak). It is a refreshing change to find an Xian site which attempts to debate as opposed to preach, smother and/or threaten. If I want to read the "Christian Viewpoint" on a particular argument this will be in my Bookmarks/Theism folder. [from an atheist]


very interesting jokes....I find Christian apologetics here better than most.....although still some flaws ..I must say you did a good job [nontheist]


Great web site! Thanks for all you've done to make these resources available.

I am an atheist who is very interested in people's experiences of the divine. Your site provides many interesting articles and links to pursue.

I have a friend currently seems to be searching for an intellectually honest way to embrace Christianity. I will recommend your site to him. I think it will help in his search.


I'm just submitting this form for general comments. All in all I am simply amazed at the depth of thought evident in these pages; it makes me wonder who this Glenn Miller person is, anyway? A Th.D.? I wonder if research is what you do for a living. :-)

On the other hand, I believe it is quite possible sometimes to be completely wrong, and still be very well educated. Obviously someone has to be. I found it a little disconcerting reading your page, in which you admit that you did have big doubts with Christianity, but felt that your intellectual honesty and pride [tn: I am not sure where this statement is in my writings...] was at stake if you had to admit to yourself that you were wrong. You have done an excellent job RATIONALIZING the faith, although I don't think you've done a good job at all showing why the faith is reasonable. In my honest opinion, your great knowledge and talent is misdirected into defending at all costs your belief, and not in finding out which belief is more reasonable. But that is only my opinion, and you can take it for what it's worth, which is quite frankly not much. :-)

But regardless, I must admit that your page is the highest quality Christian page, in fact perhaps the highest quality RELIGIOUS page, in the entire internet. [from an atheist]


Yes. I do not agree with much what you state (especially your view of the Bible), but I am really impressed that your text on Consciousness is so up-to date, including recent talks from Tuscon, the JCS, etc. I very much enjoyed reading it, and am waiting for more...May I give you an advice ? Maybe you should split your homepage into two separated parts: one on science and philosophy, the other on religion. I suspect that many people do not go so far to read your texts on philosophy and science, because they expect the usual "Christian" understanding of science, which normally (but definitely not in your case) is rather weak.[from a non-Christian theist]

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