But not EVERYONE likes me...;>)

A visitor launched this at me...
You had theological training. In other words further brainwashing. You say on your pages that 'our' 'honest' questions. I find this kind of cute. By saying 'our' I assume you mean a xtian. That eliminates the possiblity then that the questions can be honest. If they were truly honest questions you would not see these people as 'our'. See what I mean? You automatically exclude those with questions. Got some real nice land for sale and a bridge or two. Your just the type of guy I've been looking for.

The Skeptic Review is free for the asking, and it sounds as if your one person who really is in need of theological training.

When you site Josh McDowell, you present yourself as an ass. Birds of a feather...after all!

If you wish to come off as at least half way smart, fix your numerous typo's. Oh. Sorry. I forgot. Your a xtian. You can explain away all mistakes in written texts. After all, your the expert!!! (ha!)

And other one said THIS...
How improve the Tank?

Maybe a link to the Atheist web page. Also maybe another long justification for the fact that the god of the bible is such a hypocrite. Do as I say, not as I do. Gives commandments for his followers to obey and then breaks them when the urge strikes him(if the book is really accurate). I guess it's not surprising that so many Christians are hypocrites. They're just trying to be "nearer my god to thee".

What do you like least about the Tank?

Long-winded justifications and rationalizations for an illogical belief system.

I don't know how to respond to such "interesting" arguments...I am speechless...I "pass".
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