Special Prayer Requests for Pakistan Ministries

July, 2020

For the last 15 years or so, I have been helping a couple of ministries, Christian leaders, and special need believers in Pakistan with financial support, and hired some for the excellent translation services required to produce the native-language website of a subset of the Tank's content (urdu-ctt.com and punjabi-ctt.com). Some of you have also sent support gifts in, in recent times.

There have been many -- and expensive -- challenges over the years, but I have seen God at work in these ministries, and have always felt comfortable in sending financial support and payments for translation services to them. The work has grown from kids' and student ministries

to women's ministries, and more recently, to compassion outreach.

Especially dear to my heart is the newer vocational center for under-privileged women in that society. [The first sewing class made me a shirt:

I have sent close to $200K (USD) over there -- all safely through Western Union -- to various recipients, for everything from legal protection fees to project start-up expenses, but I am now out of money for this (i.e., no longer employed, with very limited resources and maintaining considerable medical expense for family members, heavily dependent on Social Security benefits).

The ministries there are now largely supported by one individual, who supports the whole infrastructure out of his job salary. And, in times like these, the income has become unstable--especially for the school and community.

Here is his description of that situation:

I am doing well by the grace of God. I am sorry for the delay in my reply. I was away for an official tour to different cities and I returned back yesterday. I will have to leave for a one day sales trip today again. I have to work more hard to meet the sales targets of the company. Most of the businesses have shut down and unemployment is soaring which has also affected my job. I am facing challenges to maintain the sales of the company which is making me difficult to generate income from my job to provide for the school and community which is in devastation. We need prayers for there is spirit of fear, unemployment, and hunger. Many are dying but not contacting health facilities. The medical facility has become very expensive. Believers are facing life threating discrimination as a result of not being reached with medicinal care and food. While there are organizations that help serve the community by providing money and food during this period of uncertainty and disease, they refuse to provide to Christian communities unless they convert to their faith.

I asked for him to give my readers a description of some of the main needs of the vocational center, and here is his detailed response:

This is not only a stitching training center but also a place for rehabilitation for the deserving and less privileged young women of the society. Most of them suffer the discrimination, physical and mental abuse. They learn tailoring, computer education, beauty parlor skills and most importantly they experience Spiritual growth in this center through different study classes, workbooks and seminars organized by Females. We provide them secure environment so they can feel comfortable and their families can trust that they are in safe hands during the training hours. We provide them these training within shortest possible time so they can work at home or in factories and earn their salt-n-bread with grace and dignity. We also are facilitating few young M women. They are learning peace and the love of God among Christian women. Some of them attend study class and come up with interesting questions.

These women are learning various skills like; cloth cutting, sewing, knitting and other needle works, ladies, hair cutting, facial, manicure and pedicure methods, make-up techniques, hair straightening, hair curling, styling, waxing, basics computer training and counseling for a better Christian life as well.

[We are thankful for *A* (a local Christian lady) as she has been a great help in last years. She trained many girls in beauty parlor skills. She gave her time with devotion, she utilized her resources. We had no funds for the training material but she provided material from her saloon and earnings.]

In first few months we had a volunteer teacher for stitching but later she got married and shifted to the other city. We had to arrange a M teacher with salary. We had been paying her 15000 per month as this is minimum salary fixed by the labor department of the country. She is skilled and trained by a vocational institute and beneficial for the students. And the same way we hired a computer teacher and had been paying him 17000 per month for basic computer trainings. But Aysha did not demand a salary for those classes. She said I am thankful that I can be a help for others.

Initially we started in a small place given by the church but later we got more students and the place was not enough for them because we also started beauty parlor and computer classes for young women. Therefore, we had to move to a rented place. We are getting more admissions but we donít have proper training material.

Thank you so much for your concern and prayers for these small activities in this country. Here is the detail of one time and monthly needs to pray for to restart this program:

One time need for sewing classes: $1845 [This one time amount include repair of old machines, purchase of five new machines, writing material, cloth, cotton, thread, measuring tape, needles, scissors, packing material, hangers, sewing kits for students to practice at home, emergency fund, study classes, seminars and small gifts of appreciations]

One time need for Beauty parlor classes: $2779 [This includes facial kit, manicure-pedicure kit, hair treatment kit, makeup kit, hair dryer, tool kit, hair straightener, hair curler, hair perming kit and machine, styling kit, styling pin box, wax heater, wax chips, styling, spray, facial bowl, side trolley, manicure-pedicure unit, cutting chair]

Monthly need: $363.6 [this include salaries, electricity bill, rent, refreshment, administration cost and transportation]

I appreciate your thoughts and prayers for the above.

For those of you reading this, I would ask a couple of things of you:

  1. Ask God -- RIGHT NOW -- to help them in the challenge of KEEPING the school registered--it has come under fire by opponents recently, and has lost its approval!;
  2. Ask God -- RIGHT NOW -- to bless this ministry with fruitfulness, financial support, protection, and prayer support;
  3. Commit to praying for them regularly (e.g., mark it on calendar)
  4. Consider contacting them to let them know you are praying for them, and to get updates from them on specifics.
  5. Ask Father if any of the resources He has put under your management should be used to support this.

Contact information for the Principal is:

Thank you for your consideration and prayers--they are an amazing group of followers of our Lord.


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