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On...a contradiction in the ascension accounts?

From gmiller  Sat Oct 28 12:00:41 1995
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 1995 13:10:09 -0700 (PDT)

feedback=Dear Miller,

I would like to pose you a question: how could one harmonise the Ascension accounts in Matthew 28 and Luke 24?

Preliminarily speaking, I think that the Bethany location is the true location of Jesus' ascension, since Matthew contains a "then..." which could represent any period of time from a day to two thousand years.

A couple of observations here:

  1. The Matthew passage does not mention an ascension
  2. In Acts 1.4-6, we learn that Jesus met with them on many different times after his resurrection, most instances of which he probably left by a disappearance or mini-ascension
  3. Also in the Acts passage is an apparent reference to the Luke 24 incident, so the mini-ascension in Luke is obviously different that the one in Acts...
So I don't actually see that these passages are referring to the same ascension...the "big one" is the one of Acts...

Hope this helps some... glennĀ 

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