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Jul 2/2022

Jun 27/2022

Took 6 months of non-stop research and media creation, but finally did a MAJOR update on the topic of

April 19/2022

March 23/2022

  • [March 23, 2022] A quickly-created video series on the 'core essentials' of ensuring an afterlife of peace, safety, beauty, and goodness, for someone afraid of the other side of death. Quality of AV limited by 'acute bacterial bronchitis' on my part, and typo's courtesy of urgency of need/request. They can be accessed at the audio/AV sub-site, via this menu:

  • Bought (and/or recorded) a couple of books.

Oct 18/2021

  • Bought (and/or recorded) a couple of books.

August 20/2021

  • Finally got to write something (sorta)!
  • Updated a piece I wrote literally 20 years ago this month! Did the Christians invent the "pierced" thing in Ps 22.17c?. The piece also contains some additional material on Were ONLY the books of Moses translated into Greek before the time of Jesus?. No real updates to that part.

July 16/2021

  • (Had to devote time to getting my Will constructed, plus had out of town family visiting.)
  • Bought a couple of books.

July 3/2021

  • Finally got a chance (under deadline urgency...sigh) to generate some content. I was invited to give a message at a revival at my semi-adopted son's church in Greenville MS [Rev J.D. Yates, Bell Grove M.B. Church]. I am not ordained but he billed me as a 'reverend' I did so, but missed some bullet points from my outline, so i created an additional one here at home--with more detail and more background information of probable interest to readers of the Tank. They can be accessed at the audio sub-site, via this menu:

June 5/2021

  • Bought a couple of books.
  • .........................................
  • (the urgent task keeps expanding...but not dropping down in urgency...and increasing in complexity ... I have two inner-circle family members in therapy and wrestling with the issues in THESE books [pdf] in my library... and, in working through them myself, i have noticed a disturbing amount of behaviors of MINE, that are labeled as 'symptoms' of the c-ptsd... starting to see my narrative a bit differently now, and being even MORE amazed at how He got me through it all so far... more later... i intend to write this up when i can...but only after we get further along in their healing ... they are making progress, but they have only just begun the journey... sigh ... one of the better starting points on this, IMO -- mostly for caregivers -- is: Restoring the Shattered Self--A Christian Counselors Guide to Complex Trauma. Heather Davediuk Gingrich. IVPacademic:2013)

Mar 14/2021

  • (the urgent task keeps expanding...but not dropping down in urgency...sigh)
  • Bought a couple of books.

Feb 4/2021

  • (Finished the most urgent task, second one almost done--"so I see relief coming soon"... famous last words!)
  • Bought a couple of books.

Dec 11/2020

  • (Finished the most urgent task, second one almost done--so I see relief coming soon!)
  • Bought a couple of books.

Nov 28/2020

  • (Finished the most urgent task--so I see relief coming soon!)
  • Bought a couple of books.

Nov 19/2020

Oct 28/2020

  • (Still working at urgent tasks--but I see relief coming soon.)
  • Bought a couple of books.

Sept 09/2020

  • I did a ton of clean-up, as I moved from one hosting company to another (to reduce expenses). Used XENU until I had all links either opering or removed. Cleaned up a lot of text formatting too.
  • Bought a couple of books.

July 27/2020

  • Progress has been slow, with a lot of my time and energy diverted to medical and health issues for my family -- both pandemic (e.g. droplet sizes, nanoscale aerosols, and masks for kids) and pre-pandemic (e.g. limited sclerosis-based gastroparesis) in origin. Making SOME headway on the issue of domestic violence within marriage in the ANE/OT period, but still weeks and weeks away from probably getting back to work on it.
  • ---------------------
  • Added a special appeal prayer request page, for some precious ministries in Pakistan (which also was the source of my smaller website in their languages, and
  • ---------------------
  • Will be updating my Prayer requests hopefully over the next week or two...
  • ---------------------
  • So much i want to write down--i might have to start cutting mp3 clips just to get some ideas down/out...
  • ---------------------
  • Bought a couple of books.

May 18/2020

  • Bought a couple of books.

Mar 24/2020

Feb 27/2020

I had 3 people come through expressing interest in having some way in the future, to help support this writing ministry-- if and when they could and when they sensed it was right to do. I was able to set up a way to donate via paypal. As i mention below, it is not a 501c3 tax-deductible ministry, so if you need that, this wont work for you (and i dont have an alternative so far). To use this, hit the link: helpful but not critical, but it does make you a co-worker and co-peace-maker... smile.

Feb 18/2020

  • Updated my bio to reflect my change in situation and perspectives.
  • Reorganized the book abbreviations to make that easier to use...
  • More soon!

Feb 1/2020

Well, well, well ... "He finishes one chapter, and then He starts another..." ...

Big news here (at least for me)...

For those of you who have been praying for me to have more time to work on the Tank, and for my day job to be less consumptive of my daily "neural processing inventory" (smile), your prayers have been answered -- I lost my job 11 days after the last update--LOL ... Oct 17, my then-employer some reorganization (like most firms in that industry sector), and my position itself was eliminated. The projects I was working on at the time were important enough to keep me on through the end of the year, to try to transition parts of my job to various resources. So, my last day of paid-employment was New Years Eve...I have had to spend the last month on personal transition issues (e.g insurance coverage for my dependents, tax things, returning company property and forms, and waiting on my last paycheck -- which arrived Friday).

The firm is a great place to work, and our group was filled with great co-workers, and I had figured that I would have to work another 18 months--to pay off about 125K in accumulated debt (e.g. mostly bank loans, cars).

The termination process was exemplary and the final arrangements were perfectly fair and supportive--no complaints from me, but rather appreciation and respect. The last 2.5 months, though, were FRANTIC^^3 (smile), trying to shield my wonderful ex-boss from the 'collateral damage from my unexpected termination'... lol.

But the earlier-than-planned exit, meant that 5/6ths of my last paychecks had to go to this debt. Expenses have been higher than normal due in part to heavy support I have been providing over the past year or two or three to a couple of folks around the world with some very urgent needs, but I have had to wind those down, and the final two will end next month. [Plus I had 3 surgeries this spring-summer (with a lot of out-of-pocket home health care).

With a lower expense base (but with higher private health insurance costs to offset this), I am good for several months. Later in the year, i will have to start earlier-than-planned withdrawals from my 'modest' retirement IRA (with Fidelity). If I watch my spend (not sure yet what this does to topic-specific book purchase patterns) and if the 'markets cooperate--i.e, OPERATE under sovereignty--smile"), I will not have to start looking to go back to work. That is, i would be able to 'retire from THAT, to return to THIS' ... if the Lord allows, faciliates, empowers, and 'en-pulses' it!

I have seen a providential hand in all this, since there are benefits I have for my dependents that i would NOT be entitled to if I had simply RETIRED. And the timing of this matches closely an intensity increase in domestic / family needs locally. I remain 'caustiously ecstatic' about this--but i have to become a better steward going forward -- for good or ill (a more prudent mix of "oikonomos" and "hilarion", for those of you familiar with the Greek in Luke 12.42 and 2 Cor 9.7).

So, some prayers seem to be answered (smile)--so now please pray that I can take advantage of this time, as a good steward, and try to make some contributions... I pray about not squandering this great window of respite... The call to serve is still the same--it is just that NOW i only have a heavenly 'boss' and not an 'earthly' intermediate one to to take direction from.

Also, i should mention this (I KNOW this will come up from this disclosure): over the years, many of you have expressed an interest in supporting the Tank financially, and I have only 'allowed' that 1-3 times that i can remember.

My policy on this has largely been shaped by an early comment from an appreciative reader (inside the niche/fringe area that the Tank mostly serves) that "I am really glad that you dont get PAID to think this way.". [Actually, its the opposite--lol--it has cost a FORTUNE in books over the 25 years for this.] ...

I can appreciate their point--not that this in ANY WAY denigrates those that ARE in 'paid ministry positions' centered on these issues! [I personally see this--tbh--as an indication that I personally am 'not ready for Prime time' (like they are, before the Lord). I have seen myself after the analogy of the comedians on "2nd City TV' back in the day ('not ready for prime time') that followed SNL (the prime-time group).. I can work with that understanding, and it only really has bothered deeply me a few times ... it has cratered me pretty badly (i.e., recovery takes several days to rise up from bitterness and shame of failing to do what I understood my calling to be about) a couple of times-- mostly at the 2 or 3 evangelical academic conferences I have been able to attend over the decades-- Pretty difficult to crawl out from under the shame of the oppressive self-incrimination of adokimos (1 Cor 9:27)..."You would have been here, if only you were X...". Doesnt stop me from serving where I can and when I can, of course... I am SURPREMELY thankful for this niche of service... And I have grown so much from being stretched by this--in learning and faith... [hmm... dark grey font is apropriate for that morbid reflection, dont you think, glenn? -- smile]

I hasten to add that -- apart from the ThinkTank work -- I have been the surprised receipient of several large gifts and bundles of many smaller gifts that made a HUGE DIFFERENCE at the time in my situation... and--true to His design in those cases of need/sharing, He has facilitated/guided me to "paying that forward" many times over.

But--back to the subject... I think i am going to allow some of those going forward. Since I wont be critically dependent on them (i.e. not 'paid to think that way'), but they could be HUGELY instrumental in helping this ministry (and probably, knowning first hand how 'easy' and 'trouble-free' the life of discipleship is -- LOL -- of critical import at some pop-up crisis sure to occur...sigh/smile), this MIGHT be something I could get peace about.

I am not a 501(c)3, so that wouldnt work for tax reasons (although I think I was connected with one for a while back 15 or 20 years ago -- I will have to check.). So this would likely simply PAYPAL gifts (like I do for some of my domestic ad-hoc giving). [But the Thinktank addresses are not setup for that--its a private email address I would have to give out upon request.] Not committed to doing this yet, but if you are pretty convinced that The Lord wants you to investigate this--and wants ME to open up to this--let me know and I will pray about sending you the relevant email address.]

There are other items I probably need to put in an update to the Prayer requests, but that will have to wait a few days (is after midnite here already). Otherwise:

  • I bought a couple of books, although -- as mentioned above -- those might come less and less frequently (depends on several factors);
  • Will update prayer requests hopefully this week.
  • About 2/3rds of the way finished on a piece about proportionality of final judgement and the 'statistical inevitability' of personal sin--and now FINALLY able to make some quick progress on that.
  • Accumulating materials and thoughts on Domestic Violence (against wives) in the OT.

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