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Oct 25/2015

Sep 21/2015

Posted the Audio recoding of the session (July 2015) I got to teach at the bible conference in Starkville MS, honoring Nap and Dixie Clark, in the Audio/Video pages. My session was on The Unexpected God--Beyond our stereotypes of deity, syllabus is here sylly.pdf.

Sept 5/2015

Someone wanted me to provide source data for messianic roles--so I started yet another

Aug 30/2015

Someone wanted me to update my old blurb on Eisenman/Thiering's credibility/acceptance by scholarship--so I updated it with new statements from the scholarly pubs.

July 28/2015

Just a note to express my thanks to the good-hearted folk who came through to encourage me, and hold me up after my last pre-mortem (smile) comment... and especially to those who sent pictures, like the treasures in France!... also, God has allowed me to participate a little in the bible conference this weekend, honoring Nap and Dixie Clark... I have a breakout session entitled "The Unexpected God--Beyond our stereotypes of deity" on Saturday morning. It's been a long time since I got to prepare for such an occasion, and the syllabus for the session (20pp) is available here (sylly.pdf) - it is one of my favorite topics to reflect on, as He confronts me with Who He really IS in scripture year-after-year... amazing heart...

May 18/2015

Just a note to let folks know i am still alive--although nobody has asked this time...sigh/whatever... but I obviously have been providentially re-focused / re-directed on family matters for the recent past... i continue to work on (wish to work on) various pieces i owe people, but i dont really have a lot of control over my schedule at this point... for good or ill... I try to maintain a postive view of the change, but its discouraging most of the time (although that is more reflective of skewed priorities and mis-shapen values than any reality or truth... i know that)... trying to re-calibrate... really enjoying, btw, "He Loves Me: Learning to Live in the Father's Affection", by Wayne it to many of my family... more later, as i can...

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