Kudos from a few skeptics...and castigation from a believer...

I just finished (well, almost, it's got a few errors still) a long detailed commentary on D. James Kennedy's book _Why_I_Believe_. My work is available in the "Criticisms" section of http://freethought.tamu.edu. After reviewing Kennedy, I must say after looking around this site, it is refreshing to see the work of intellectually honest Christians who think that integrity is something important! (You even addressed some of the arguments I put forth in my commentary).
The linguistic information on "almah" and "bethulah" is quite interesting; to date, you are the only Christian I've personally dealt with who attempts to directly confront the claim that "almah" does not imply "virgin". Ain't sure what to make of your data, yet; as I'm not a biblical scholar by vocation, it's difficult for me to evaluate these sorts of arguments. In any event, this is *exactly* the kind of argument I enjoy hearing from Christians. Even if your data turns out to be wrong (and I'm not at all sure it will), you've earned my respect. (Well, you had it before, but now you have more of it.) Good work!
Mr. Miller- Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is XXX. I first came across your name in a message from YYY, who recommended your WWW page as one of the best sites for Christian apologetics on the net. I have visited a few times and I agree with his assessment. Several things on your page impress me. First, I sense that you feel more kinship with a person of intellect who does not agree with you than with an idiot who does, as do I. Second, I commend you for placing links to atheist and agnostic sites on your page; if you are not the only Christian on the net who does so, you are at least the first that I have come across. Third, I sense that you take these issues seriously, which is more than I can say for many of my fellow atheists and agnostics. I am irritated to no end by the "it really doesn't matter" crowd. I believe that the existence and nature of god are questions of great import and have spent many years contemplating, debating and studying them. Lastly, I see from your Hall of Arguments that you are not above employing sarcasm and even ridicule when you feel the need, an observation that is all too frequently phrased as an allegation meant to discredit the substance of an idea based on the style with which it is presented (for some reason, sarcasm is enormously threatening to the insecure).
I must say that your's is the best apologetics that I have seen on the web yet (and that goes for much of the print medium out there too).

And a brief castigation from a believer...

I had to tell you, that by reading your page, it seems almost like you are afraid to tell people about the Jesus Christ which hung, bleed, and died for you on that cross. I didn't like the approach that you took about explaining things on your pages!

How does the old saying go....?

You [can, cannot] please [none, some, many, most, all] of the people [none, some, much, most, all] of the time? ;>)

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