Some of my favorite visitors to the Tank are from the sub-18 are some of their comments (I've had hundreds come through):

A 17-year old...

Yes, as I said in my last, incomplete message, I've been saved for about 10 years and learning to defend the faith for 3 or 4. I certainly can't claim to be an expert. :)

I'm very impressed with the whole thing. It's certainly the best defense of Christianity I've seen yet on the net. I've been trying to promote interest in the apologia list in working on the McDowell project, but I haven't been getting a lot of response. I've been concentrating on the resurrection. I'll be interested in what you come up with. About the resurrection accounts, the best reconciliation I've seen is in _Barnes' Notes on the New Testament_, in case you need a reference. Keep up the good work!

Another 17-year old...

I'd like to see the Problem of Evil tackled, specifically. I know that it's been beaten into the ground, but some new (and easier-to-read) information on it would be very helpful.

I was very pleasantly surprised by this homepage. I had found other Christian philosophers who thought in a manner somewhat similar to mine (C.S. Lewis, to start with), but not very many. I am very glad to find a homepage that specializes in this.

As to further suggestions... How about calls for papers? I would love to get involved in an essay-vs-essay debate with other folks.

A 16-year old...

Hi, I'm sure you recieve many comments like this, but I just feel like I should express mine. I am a 16 year old Christian, and I can't begin to express how much your page has helped me with many of my own and my peer's questions I have had. Although they are very stuburn to accept anything that has to do with the Bible, I think that mabey they are seeing something worthwhile to at least take a look at. I check your webpage at least every week. I just want to say that you are very very smart, and that I really do love your page!

Another 17 year old...

Jesus Christ was/is the eternal Son and Word of the Infinite-Personal God. "Jesus" became his name when he became human.

I think the evidence for the historicity of the NT is good. I think it presents a reasonably accurate picture of Jesus and his teachings. The evidence for his ressurection is also good, at least as good as historical evidence can be. (As a matter of fact, I am doing a year-long study on the historical Jesus in a highschool research class.) However, the philosophical evidence carries more weight with me. I think that the main Christian doctrines (Theism, creation, Trinitarian relationship in the Absolute, Incarnation of the Logos, Crucifixion, Ressurection, and final end of time and "beginning" of Eternity) are the only possible explanation for what we see around us and what we know. Christian doctrine holds the key to understanding Life.

These are the intellectual reasons for by belief in Jesus. Of course, his call to me was completely seperate from any of these. These came later, after I already was a Christian.

A 16-year old...

Jesus is the Son of God. He lived, died and rose again for our salvation. He also shares Gods nature with the Father and the Holy Spirit. He is eternal. He is all powerful. He is Lord.

The Bible, Roman historians (Tacitus, Seutonius), Jewish Historians (Joesephus, The Talmud), and other Pagan historians. They all wrote about Jesus' life, some his death, and even some his miracles and resurrection. I accept those as truth because they are (good answer huh? :))

Another 17 year old...

Like I said, very intelligent presentation of Christ. Gives me good starting point for my own ministry. Keep up the good work and I'm praying for you!

The presentation of the gospel in a way that would not turn off most skeptics at first. VERY intelligent presentation of material.

A 16-year old...

In my opinion, Jesus Christ was the son of God, raised from the dead, perfect, a corresponding ransom for our sins. His love for us knew no bounds, and he willingly gave his life painfully so that we could have a chance.

To support my position that Jesus was the son of God, I suppose I could go through all of the scriptures that support this, but that would take to long. Suffice to say that the Bible testifies that that is what he was, and I have seen enough evidence that supports the Biblical record as accurate. To support my position that he was resurrected, I submit the aforementioned Biblical record, which no one has been able to adequately refute. In fact, all of my positions concerning Jesus' identity are supported using the Bible, so if anyone has an argument with my positions, it is the Bible they would be arguing with, and I would ask for evidence that shows the Bible cannot be trusted.

Another 17-year old...

Jesus Christ is was and forever shall be the Messiah, Son of God, Savior of of the human race. He was eternal born of a virgin, died for our sins rose from the dead and ascended into heaven to be with the Father. He will return again someday to set up the messainc(s/p).

First what he has done in my own life. Second, what he has done in others lives. How to this day millions would die for him. We have numerous references to the man Jesus not only in the New Testemant but by Josephus and perhaps in the Talmud. He was seen by hundreds of people after his death. We accept with no problem the existence of Hannibal and many other historical figures that only have a few refrences made of them by a few people. Also why would his disciples and the people of the early church want to follow a man that never existed.

A 15-year old...

Lord and Savior, Ultimate example for our lives, Son of God, and a figurehead for churches across America

My historical data comes from the Bible and historians who believe that Jesus exisited and write about it.

A 16-year old...

I find your long-winded, detailed arguments on common points of interest to atheists and non-Christians to be of the most relevance to me. I, like yourself, have a running correspondance or two with non-believers [although, obviously, on much smaller scales]. I find your arguments fascinating and stirring. I have been moved to tears by some of your less 'technical' pieces.

I find most everything here of great import. I love it all, and only wish I had the time to study and research all that you've written. :-)

A 17-year old... Who are you, Glenn Miller? I am so impressed with what you have to say and your take on things! I am so excited about what the Lord is showing you, and I want tell you that you have been a real blessing in my own life. This is my first time visiting the site, but I found all kinds of info that I have been looking for, much of which were answers to quest ions that I thought no one knew! I praise the Lord for you and for this site, and I am sure that I will know become a regular visitor to the think tank as well as spread the word about it. I am praying for you. God Bless You! Rom 8:31

A 16-year old...

God in human form

1. None of the arguments against the Resurection seem to me to be very strong (swoon, hallucination, etc).

2. Changed lives of the apostles (most martyred)

3. Nothing in it for Jesus if He was not God

4. Messianic prophecies

A 14-year old...

The body of Jesus had vanished from the tomb, and there is no way possible for it to have been removed by human force. For me this is proof enough that God gave eternal life beginning with Jesus when He took His Son's body in Him.

A 15-year old...

Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God, who's purpose was to die on the cross for the world's sin and is now the only intercessor/high priest between us and God.

Well, there is more historical evidence that Jesus lived than hm... Julius Ceaser, so that shows he lived, and well, I think Josh McDowell has a great way of explaining it... but I check out everything... usually :)

A 15-year old...

Yes. Roman Catholic; I believe in inerrancy of the Bible (and not just by an elastic "spiritual imperatives mattered--God had to dumb down his revelation so much that it's so unfactual that we can joke about it" defintion of the term).

The best web site I've seen on the topic so far. The information appears to be quite good and valid. The information on your site is great. I love the depth of the information given (well beyond the textbooks); thus, it has been the most helpful web page I have come across, and has answered many of my old doubts.

Also like the Christian-Skeptic encounters section and the Global Sunday School. All contain lots of VERY helpful info, beyond the typical textbook responses.

A 15-year old...

i found the basic, fundamental content of this site very intriguing (i think thats how you spell it). I am also a thinker, and I too love science and math. I have always approached sermons and lessons with a very in depth, analytical viewpoint. I really enjoyed the topics talked about, such as various theologies and philosophies. I do hope that you are praying about what you write and what you do not. I think this is great, and many articles have helped me

A 16-year old...

I believe Christ was God in human form, and God's son. He was a sinless man and died to take the punishment of our sins. He rose again, conquering death and Hell,to give us all new life.Through Him all can recieve eternal life through faith.

I know secular history has arrifmed that there was a person named Jesus Christ. I accept the Bible as the only source of truth.

There is scientific information that can confirm that there is a God and He created the world. For example, if the Earth was 23 degrees closer to the sun, it would burn, and if it was 23 degrees farther from the sun, it would freeze. The bible never contradicts itself, and there is proof of events that happened is the Bible.

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