More blessings to me from others...

Date: April/2005

More drops of encouragement from heaven for me, living by the brook well as lessons, humbling, reminders, and challenges to continue...


Dear Glenn,

I have to say how impressed I am at your amazing devotion to your ministry. When I'm plagued with doubts, it is very encouraging to see someone like yourself who has put so much into helping and guiding others. God is obviously very pleased to have you around! Sceptics and apologetics alike claim to know the Bible, but only the apologetics know God. The sceptics keep going because they hate something, and long to see it fail. The apologetics are there because they love the Lord God, and love others. There is no love in scepticism, but Christian apologetics are fuelled by it. I pray that God may strengthen you in every way.

I love all of the different areas of the site. As a woman who considers herself a feminist (In what I think is the correct way, in that God has made us as capable as men intellectually!) I found the Women in the Bible section great! When I was in my 20's I guess God did show me that Christianity is the most liberating "religion" for women. Jesus had women in his inner circle! How strange was that for those times. I also think it is neat how you share your personal life with all of us. I did cry when I read about your daughter. Reading about her reminded me of my little girl. It sounds like she was a blessing to everyone she came in contact with. I appreciate you sharing that because it is reassuring to see a parent who has lost a child to continue to be strong in the faith.

I wanted to briefly thank you for the work you have done on this site. I have been referring to your work recently in an ongoing debate on a public forum XYZ. If you get a chance to check it out, my screen name is ABC. Your well-organized arguments would be a nice fit there. I like the format they provide, and it is well moderated...I hope you keep your site up and running, it has become a valuable resource. I appreciate your in-depth discussions of the many topics.

Hi Glen,
I am so in awe of how the Lord has used you and how you have allowed Him to.

I became interested in apologetics years ago when I wanted to know myself why I believed what I did. I told God I wanted to know Him the way He wanted, not just because of what I was taught as a child. I have barely read your site yet, but I am sure you know yourself how dangerous to the flesh this heartfelt prayer is. Because our God is God who hears and answers. Praise God! And boy does it hurt sometimes!

A few years ago I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Talk about struggle! I am doing terrific now thanks to modern medicine and God's gracious mercy. When people say I am crazy for believing in Jesus, yes I have the paperwork to prove it.

I started teaching the teens at my church a few weeks ago. Never been a teacher. Never been to Bible college. I just know that God has given us a record, the Holy Bible, that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. I had a heart for teaching these kids basic apologetics. Now I am finding myself saying wow!! I thought Josh McDowell was cool! LOL... I have learned you cannot beat anyone with the truth. You can merely speak it and let the Holy Spirit do his work. (Exciting to be part of it though, isn't it?) This is hard for an intelligent person who wants to help teach people. "What are you, blind?!" Yes, they are. And so was I once.

You have on your site my heart's dream. I wish I could go to sleep and wake up knowing all the ancient languages. I am so looking forward to sending your site on to others, family friends and a sweet Jewish Rabbi. And of course my church. The time is short isn't it? We don't even know.

I look forward to meeting you someday.

I pray for a hedge of protection around you. That the enemy find no success or any victory in coming against you. I pray for your continued tender heart towards the Holy Spirit. I pray for the peace of our Master and Savior Jesus Christ and his joy unspeakable to rest on you in every moment.
God bless you and your work, His work.

Your sister in Christ Jesus,

Hello Mr. Miller,

I know that you have thousands of mails, and that you are very busy. It's okay you don't have to respond. I have felt lost spiritually for years, but now I feel like I am getting back on track after reading your site and having some very tough and disturbing questions answered. Thank you very, very much. Keep up the good work.

Simply the most thorough, well written, fair, non-biased, factual, resource on the net.......JUST FANTASTIC! I'm a Christian with a passion for the scripture and I've been having my doubts and weaknesses lately.....your information helps....I just hope I can get to bed before midnight ever again now that I found this resource!

Our Savior Jesus Christ will be thanking you for spreading the "good word" when you see him in Heaven.

Great site ... wow ... been reading for HOURS this evening as I prepare for a sermon on Sunday on "predestination" (because of a question recently raised to me by several seekers in our church here in XYZ).

BTW, Groundhog Day is one of my fav movies, too, and I am planning to use clips from it on Sunday to illustrate a possible way to view the interrelation between free-will and pre-destination. If you have any thoughts ... :-)

Thanks! and EXCELLENT help!!! I have a Christian friend who's converted to Judaism now, thinking Christianity is just Paganism..You are helping me immensely to answer her correctly because of your scholarship and accuracy!!! Keep up the good fight!

Hi Glenn, I was just writing to tell you that your site is the best apologetics site I have seen. It seems like you really have a passion for helping people find answers, I think that's what makes the thinktank stand out from the other sites. I have found so many insights from your essays. Keep up the good work!

Dear Sir

I just want to write and tell you that the articles I have just read on your website were absolutely superb. In Particular the one about the Messianic expectation, which I will use a number of your notes tomorrow as I Teach at my church on Palm Sunday.

I do sincerely hope that God will release you to do this fulltime. Your articles are a real eye opener, and I will continue to look at these frequently.

Be encouraged, and thank the Lord I found you on Google!

Keep your eyes on Christ and may he truly bless you and your family as you do so.

Best wishes in Christ

Pastor XYZ

Dear Glenn,

Thank you for an excellent web site. Feel good with the knowingness that this site had a big role to play in convincing me to accept God in my life. That's right I was one of those learned intellectual types who thought he knew everything.. I was sure that there was no one that could convince me about the truthfulness of the bible and its message. Then I discovered your website where I learned that here was someone that had the same intellectual "baggage", but with a Christian Worldview. Well, your arguments (albeit a bit complex for me at times) was part of the reason why I took the decision to accept God's redeeming work in my life. Thank You for your unending perseverence and dedication to this work... Believe me you do make a big difference in the work that you're doing. Keep it up!


you got it:O)

best Christian-site I ever have seen, and I'VE SEEN TOO MANY LOL.





Dear Glenn,

God bless you richly for the tremendous blessing you have been both to me and doubtless countless others. I am awed by the tremendous investment of time, energy, and thought that you obviously put into your website. I don't know where you get all the time -- that you do all this and yet still make time to respond to so many individuals with their myriad questions, bespeaks of a heart in love with the Lord and his people. Your site fills a major need in the church today for a truly thoughtful, honest, well-thought-out and informed apologetics resource. I don't know of any others that come close. Every time you research a difficult question to help one of your readers, you potentially test your own beliefs, putting your faith on the line, which I know can be a very, difficult thing to do on a regular basis, even when one reaps such an abundant harvest of good answers as you so often do. Your site is one of the first Christian sites that I ever visited since my first introduction to the internet in the mid-nineties, and it has remained my favorite of them all. All these years and you're still going strong! God must truly be blessing your soul and ministry. When I am really struggling with a difficult question that no one else seems to want to or be able to answer, I always know that you are there to fall back on in a time of crisis. My faith has been strengthened numerous times as a result of your faithful service to the Body of Christ. God bless you a hundredfold for your devoted service all these years. May God continue to strengthen and encourage you as you continue to strengthen and encourage your brothers and sisters. You are in my prayers, dear brother.

This site is fantastic! It is the only "objective" site I've found. I know in saying that that you do have an opinion, but it is clear that you make every effort to provide all the facts and weight them objectively. I was wondering though, when the last two items on the Daniel dating quesiton were going to be completed? You hint in the first section that some evidence for Daniel not writing in the 6th century is hard to ignore, and I assume that this evidence will be included in you analysis of the internal consistency of the book; because you external evidence gave convincing evidence as to the writing at or before the 4th century BC.

Thank you!! And of course, if you don't have time I understand. You are a great servant of the Lord!

Long time no write..... he he he

I do happen to recall (today as I was surfing the Net) that several years ago when I was going thru a crisis (spiritual/religious/psychological who knows?)

I sometimes sent a "help me I am drowning!!" type of email to you....

And of course being the fantastic and great guy that you have always been....You always came thru with some encouragement

So thanks a million!!!!!!

I have always been a fan of your website and also that of my other favorite site XYZ (which I probably should have supported by financial means --- yours and his .... but I am not going to roll in some guilt-mudding now am I? ))))


I wanted to thank you for your continual openness and vulnerability on your site, for the sake of other people. (And yes, there's probably that "philosopher" thing going on, where it's necessary to keep a record of your observations and experiences... but some people do not choose to share that with others.)

What I think makes the Tank so successful is not necessarily your wonderful insights and diligent research, but that you put a real face on the "man behind a curtain" and make an example out of your own life, based on what you've learned. You're not an ivory tower scholar -- you're simply a very wise, very knowledgeable, struggling human being.

I identify so much with you in the struggles you describe in your Dec. 16 letter, although our details differ. (Developing strategies from the imagined "end result" in order to control events, living in my head, living in the future rather than the present, trying so how to find patterns rather than just dealing with what is right in front of me, the consistent and agonizing self-questioning and doubt even when I know better...) The lesson God taught me last year, after agonizing searches for my particular "mission/purpose" confounded by so many dead-end alleys, was simply that I had to be willing to "die" to my dreams, all in order to live in the Now. I could never get to those end results I could imagine so clearly if I actually focused on reaching those end results. Trying to channel all my energy into the future would only make me ineffectual in the present, hamstringing me, rendering myself ineffectual for any purpose whatsoever.

In other words, I'm not in control He is -- and I have to just live in a glorifying way, right now, doing whatever I've currently found myself doing.

It helped to hear you say similar words. Maybe that's my desire to see patterns again (<grin/sigh>), but in any case, thank you for putting yourself out there for everyone to see -- both the joy and the anguish.

I love your site. You have an excellent attitude, and your continual hard work is appreciated. I have been struggling with my faith ever since I discovered my first contradiction in the Bible. I have no idea why Christians don't except the errancy of the Bible. This is one thing that must be done for credibility's sake! The funny thing is most of the Bible doesn't even claim to be the perfect word of God. So why should we think those selecting for the canon can somehow make them the word of God? Now it appears you are an inerrantist to some degree, but it is obvious you place more faith in the trustworthiness of the authors (which makes sense), rather than presupposing it is the word of God and going from there.

Pray for me that I may be strengthened in faith! Life seems so meaningless without Him.

Glenn, now that I've finally finished my website I've been looking around at other Christian websites and found yours. Yours is one a few serious sites that I truly admire, and I appreciate your story, its sounds real. Also, I enjoyed your thoughts on many different subjects and appreciate your analytical approach, your style, and what you have to say (I must say it is amazing how much you have to say).

I ran across your site while searching for some info on G. von Rad and others regarding the use of typology. I enjoyed your article on typology, and then went to the main page and found more of your stuff. I appreciate your attitude and serious scholarship. I am a missions pastor for an independant Christian church in ABC, and Director of International Operations for a small-but-growing mission organization based in XYZ.

Thanks for your wonderful scholarly website. It continues to be very helpful in many ways!

XYZel - a Jewish believer in Yeshua

I love you site. And perhaps because I am one who has previously taught at the graduate level (and anticipates a return), I can see that your heart is to publish your thoughts and ideas as a "public person," that is, as one who is not necessarily interested in pecuniary gain as a direct result of the promulgation of your ideas. You know, you don't need to finish that Ph.D. in order to teach.

Think about taking the leap...

I've been using your site since I discovered it from Lambert Dolphins great source page(S!). I just finished reading one of your responses on divorce (#2 when seaching) that included your own personal history.... thank you. See, I'm not divorced but I recently married a divorcee. I was saved 10/16/66 (my wife... 10/16/66!). I'd come from a "crooked road"... alcoholism, eastern cult (Divine Light Mission), more alcoholism, failed "ministry" as a parochial school teacher (you don't quit after 2 ½ years)... almost suicide 3 months later (didn't due to my younger sisters sucessful one 6 months earlier). Sobtiety & AA as my god... 8 yrs later, and a second "bottom" and finding myself on my knees asking "Jesus, are you real, if so I need you!"... and I'm at the foot of the cross... Back to the divorce ?... my spirit got crushed a bit last night... second time this issue has come up. My hearts desire is in missions... and I find an incredible, gifted ministry (XYZ Mission, and the local ABC Bible Institute) and find that since I have MARRIED A DIVORCEE I do not qualify to come under their "covering". It hurts Glen. But thank you for your writtings and little "musings".... they help a lot. In His grace and mercy,

Dear Glenn,

I have very much appreciated your website for quite some time now. I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you.

I very much admire the obvious time you've put into your site.

I, right now, am looking into the "Anonymous Christian" theory (don't worry I will do my own work :) ) and began to mull around your site. I've used your site in the past and enjoyed it very much.

I started looking for curtains on line (redecorating my living room) a couple of hours ago and I came across your web site. To be more exact, first I found your letters, (letters from the man behind the curtain) and after some reading I became interested and checked out your site. I read about you, your family, your daughter, I couldn't stop. (It is now almost 3 am)

I come from a Christian background, my father is a minister. What I normally say, that I was practically raised in the church. I have been on the "rebound" for the last few years. Questioning everything, mostly not even questioning any more, just wanting to have nothing to do with Christianity.

You made me think!

An other comment: I see you needed no prayer for the last nine months or so. What does that mean?

You know what? I'll pray for you tonight anyway. I have not prayed in a long-long time.

Thanks for making me think and pray!

Hello! I just wanted top take a moment and say thank you for your website. Given the amount of emails that you get I will not make this long. Suffice it to say that I have been blessed by your site and thank God for your work.

I particularly love your stance on the "tone" of discourse. I find myself turned off immediately (and probably have missed a number of valuable insights) when an author's tone becomes too harsh, patronizing or arrogant. In my writing, I strive to be gentle yet persuasive. There is a time and place for a more firm hand, and I respect that. However, such is generally abused. Thank you for your concern in this area.

I have been writing and reading and studying and discussing 'all these things' for about 10 years now (I am 31). I can only smile and laugh a little when I read your description of how you think and process data and write (including your conveyor belt analogy). I can only say that I am there with ya. My vent is Terry Pratchet books and one of a few 'empire building and conquest' computer games like Command and Conquer, or Empires, etc.

I promised to keep this short so I will trust that you recognize my sincerity and appreciation and I give you permission to assume many other positive things that I have not mentioned here! That being said, and while I expect that you have such offers regularly, if there is anything I can help with, please ask. Whether it be simple prayer requests or anything else you can think of, just let me know and I will consider it. My wife and I have been blessed in a number of ways by a number of people recently so that we are able to dictate our own time more and because of this I am able to pursue any number of things that before would have been impossible. God has been faithful and because of this He has prepared me to serve Him in whatever way possible.

Hi Glenn

I realise from the amount of information you have included in your site that you are a very busy man ... but just wanted to mail you to say thank you for all of your efforts. I am a committed Christian but found that the information you provide in answer to so many different areas of questioning was so helpful. This is the first time I have come across your site but I have ear-marked it and I know I will return many times in the future.

You are doing God's work in providing all of this information to the many people our there who are seeking answers/guidance/direction.

Don't worry about replying - I just wanted to say 'well done' and thank you - although that seems a little inadequate in view of the huge amount of work I can see has obviously gone into this site.

By the way, WONDERFUL website. I don't know where my faith would be

without it...

Good Day Mr. Miller

Wow I have read the stuff about you and I have to say that reading the stuff you wrote in your think tank is easier to discern. Do you ever stop to breathe. I have used a lot of the info from the tank and as a person that doesn’t even compare to .0000001 % of what you think of when you sleep (you do don’t you) have to say that you provide in depth information. So that my pea brain can understand the sources in which you derived all that from could you simplify your back round a bit.

Thank you

Glenn...I am a pastor/ church planter in NE Ohio. I have to answer lots of skeptics (least of all at times is ME), so thanks for the web site- i have it in my favorites. Sometimes we all need encouragement- and i thought it appropriate to tell you that you have done a good thing here!

just a quick note to say.....your web page is so AMAZING, HELPFUL, and INFORMATIVE!!!!

it has been such a help to me, better than many books at times!

i'm so glad and thankful for your web page. keep up the GREAT work!!

thankfully, XYZ

Just wanted to say your article on 'Good Question" did Jesus have to be married was extremely helpful to me in making a sober answer to my sister who believes that Jesus was married to Magdalene and that had children...etc. I'm sure you heard the story before.

Thank you for an easily understandable doc. for the lay person.


I'll make this brief because from the sounds of it you're an incredibly busy man.

Over the last several months, your site has been (and continues to be) a great source of education and inspiration to me. Like yourself and many of those whose emails you respond to, I've been struggling with many of the more sticky issues of Christianity for years. To make a long story short, your site has been a real blessing to me. I now know that I'm not alone in my questions, fears and even doubts.

I'd like to help support your ThinkTank in some way, either financially or with my time. Please let me know if there is a way that I can contribute.


I've realised I haven't even found out your name from the site! I'm very impressed by your detailed pursuit of tough questions. I love thinking about tuff questions too and discussing them with non-Christians like my family and Alpha groups. Keep up your good work and good luck with the thousands of unanswered questions.

God bless your hard work


Reading, England

Hello Glen, I just want to say you are doing a fine job! Thank you for your efforts to help others. I will pray. Bye, ABC


Just wanted to say that I continue to love your site. You are one of the reasons that I returned to the church a few years ago after slipping away for several years.

One of my co-workers is a hardline agnostic boardering on atheist. I'm trying to (very slowly) present my beliefs to him...he's somewhat willing to discuss the matter but is holding on tightly to his current beliefs. Anyway, today the subject of church history came up. In particular, he made brought up the claim that Christians were responsible for much of the loss of classic literature, including the burning of the Library at Alexandria. I just sent him an email extracting several quotes from your piece on the matter (a short-and-sweet summary of some of your points.) I'm hoping that by showing him that Christianity is never a "check your brain at the door" leap of faith, (plus a *lot* of prayer on my part!) he might be willing to give matters a little more thought....

Anyway, just wanted to thank you for your wonderful work in the name of our Lord, and to wish you a very Merry Christmas! My prayers are with you.


I'm really just writing to say how much I admire your site, which I have visited fairly often over the years. This time, I was looking for discussions on Christmas trees, and I was very pleased to see your insightful article on it. (I didn't know nice originally meant stupid! I'll remember that one!) I had just been reading an article at ABC which encouraged me to seek out more, and I was very pleased to find yours.

Thank you,

dear mr. miller -

thank you so much! well, I believe I should be thanking Jesus - but you know what I mean - thank you through Jesus!

to tell you the truth - I really can't believe this - well, that's put badly as well - so far as I can tell, this is primarily about me believing for the first time - for the first time truly putting faith and trust in the person Jesus Christ and all of a sudden discovering what true belief is! this is amazing! Jesus Christ real person real God - the reality of it! amazing.

i am taking your advice to heart. oh, perhaps I should tell you officially how new I am to this - a little more than two days now - i accepted Him saturday afternoon - following the prayer and suggestions you posted under thinking of approaching God. well, i could go on and on - i'd love to tell you the whole story of how i found your site and came to this - but, as you point out, we have millennia to get together and swap stories some time! and that's true! it's not just a metaphor or somesuch! absolutely amazing! but I did at least want to tell you that your site was a big help to Jesus in saving my soul. again - thanks.

as i was saying - I am trying to take you advice to heart - I have already read Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, I Thessalonians, II Thessalonians, and Titus and have done a quick read of the other epistles - another amazement - two days later I still read the scriptures and feel as if they are speaking directly to me - again, the personal dimension of this whole experience - and I plan on reading more and more both of the scriptures and of your site - trusting Jesus that it will bring me even closer to Him and will seal in my mind that this is real - that I am a new man - again, I could go on forever - praise Jesus!

enough said - thank you again -

Thank you for the 'tank, I download it each time there is an update to keep on my laptop as a reference. I hope that all is well with you.

I just wanted to drop you a line of thanks. I have used you webpage for my senior apologetics class here at XYZ Christian Academy, where I serve as the head of school. My students are writing a rebuttal to the old documentary hypothesis this term and they will be given your webpage as a resource, along with some good pagan ones. Keep up the good work. If you ever get up to beautiful XYZ, give me a ring. I'm good for a lunch.

After becoming aware of the huge backload of mail you have, I understand that you might not ever get to this, but supposing you do, I would just like to let you know that I have the deepest appreciation for your website. I am in the process of reading some of your material about the gospels as ancient biographies and I just finished reading your personal testimony (about your conversion in college, which caused some tears to form in my eyes!).

The reason I appreciate your website is because I too have delved into the process of apologetics and thinking about the faith (although I've only been doing this for about 2-3 years compared to around three decades for you). I often feel alone in this endeavor because it seems as though many Christians do not concern themselves with it, so when I came to your site, I felt a kindred spirit.

In any case, you have encouraged me and I hope to one day do the same for other Christians like myself, and in the event that we never correspond (which we probably never will), you nonetheless have helped me along in the faith....

Hello GM!

I just wanted to say how grateful I am you're still out there. I've been away for awhile (not the faith, just the site), and felt like I'd come to an old friend's house when I stopped by this AM!

A friend,

Dear Glenn,

Thank you. I was trying to search for mystery religions, and came upon your article "Was Jesus Christ a Copycat Savior Myth?" It was most enlightening, as you led me to questions and answers I've not thought through before. Through your article I'm in a better position to answer skeptic's question of "dependence."

I praise the Lord, that He has raised defenders of our faith such as your self, to meet challenges of an increasing anti-Christian world we live today. May He strenthen you in your work, guard your passion for the truth, and to meet all your needs; physically, spiritually, financially, and otherwise.

My prayers are with you, as your work continues the praise of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, to the glory of God the Father.

Be strong my brother, and thank you again.


just a note to tell you how much I apprecieated the letters/resonses between you and the lady from india. ment a lot ta me and I learned much from it/them-some very clear responses.

Dear Glenn,

I've had your site bookmarked for quite some time, and enjoy checking in, but haven't visited much recently. I checked in this evening (27 Sept., about 7pm Central), and checking your "What's New" page saw the link to your exchange with Florence (, and started reading it.

I got about halfway through before I started tearing up (weepy, that is, not destroying my monitor!). She voices so exactly my life (okay, with- out the five years of being anti-God) and especially what I've been trying to deal with recently, it's as though I could have written it all (not nearly so well). I've printed out the whole page and bookmarked it separately so I can return to it more easily, as I expect I will have to often.

I've had a hard time recently due to losing my job a year ago, with no replacement in sight--not just a hard time financially, although that's its own problem, but dealing with what appears to be God's silence in helping me know where to go, what to do next with my life. I know that the problem is on my end, not God's, but I just haven't known how to deal with it when I so desperately need His guidance right now.

I'm going back now to finish reading the exchange, but I wanted/needed to break in and just let you know how grateful I am that you both can answer such questions, and post them for others to benefit. Thank you, and thank Florence for me if you write her again. And add me to your prayers, if you will.

Thanx in Christ,

Mr Miller,

As an American living in Mexico, I just want you to know that I really appreciate your website. It's been a real joy to use it.

Also, I teach a Sunday School class here (in Spanish, natch) and I've used your website in preparing my own research for the class.

So your influence extends to Mexico.

Thank you,

I absolutely love your site! I am a missionary in South America, and someday (when my Spanish improves- we've only been here less than two years), I would love to translate some of your stuff- esp. the "mini-argument for the faith"- assuming (obviously) that you give permission.

We are moving to a more remote location in the mountains, with very "iffy" internet, so your "download the tank" feature is perfect for me!!!!

Grace and peace to you,

I only discovered you recently and I am hugely impressed. I just read, 'What about Those Who have Never Heard the Gospel?' and I am completely inspired

I came across your Christian ThinkTank website and have been reading some of your articles/comments/letters/etc. I must say God has greatly gifted you with wisdom and intelligence and it is good that you have used your gifts in this way. I've found the material on your website to be very informative and uplifting. You are a great blessing to -- and a vital part of – the body of Christ.


Thank you very much for writing the tank, you have helped me so much, thank you!!

Just wanted to say that yours is the greatest site on the net. Its the kind of site ive been looking for for a long time. I really respect your knowledge and the way you will confront and not shy away from tough questions. I am a born again Christian and am 18yrs old( ive been a Christian for ten years now).

Found your site from a link on 'Jews for Jesus' and really like it. I spent about 2 hours reading many of the dissertations... just wanted to encourage you and tell you that you that it is making a difference.

God Bless you!

Just to say that your site is really handy and neat, keep up the good work! That's all I really have to say.

I just wanted to write a quick word to encourage you...

I have found the Christian Think Tank site to be very useful and inspiring. I've been visiting your site for about a year now and frankly, I'm in awe. Just about every mind boggling, hard-to-tackle theological debate seems to be covered. It is even more astounding that, when taking the time to read through your studies (which I have found most absorbing), you actually have real and understandable answers!

I have been born again for a little over 11 years now and God has been very faithful to me when I've pestered him about some tough philosophical issues. I don't think there's anything yet that I haven't been given a satisfying answer to (I hope that doesn't sound arrogant!). Your studies have been part of those answers to prayer recently and I really should have thanked you much sooner than this. A site like this is something I was planning on myself, but you seem to have done an excellent job anyway. :-) Well done!

Keep up the good work (I am praying regularly that you will)

Thanks again,

The Christian ThinkTank...[] (Reference Abbreviations)