A letter about...

...the "Look"!

A visitor wrote...

Hi Glenn,

Your site is quite remarkable. I have always struggled with the questions you address at your site. I grew up in the Baptist church and found at an early age that hostility was the answer for most of them. I remember when I was eight years old I asked if God new the future why would he create someone that he was going to have to fry in Hell for all eternity. That was the first time I experienced the "look". The brow wrinkles and the tone in the voice changes, and I know I am not far from evoking hatred in this person. The answer was "just keep your mouth shut and believe kid." I swear I still see that "look" manifest today in every holy war and religious atrocity I encounter.

I have a modest intellect but it demands satisfaction none the less. It seems to always stand in a rival corner to religious faith. The two needs wrestle an endless battle and leave me broken in spirit.

Keep up the good work. I can't stress its value and importance enough.

your friend, XYZ

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