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Some Survey Form Answers from Visitors

Here are some of the entries received on the recent Belief survey...

Jesus is the Son of God, my Savior who died for me. He
lives in heaven ever interceding for me, and boy do I
need it! His Holy Spirit lives in me and guides me
when I listen and let Him.

He is the second Person of the Trinity. He has always been
and always will be God. In addition, He is also fully man.

Just as King Arthur is an amalgam of the Cat King and a few other medieval heroes, the Jesus called Christ is the embodiment of a reform movement with a long history and many leaders in a time when Eastern, Jewish and Greek thought collided two millennia ago.

Jesus is the only begotten Son of God who came to this earth
to die for us that we could have eternal life.

As He claimed, God in human form so that we might truly know
God "see me has seen the Father".

The incarnate son of God, my saviour.

He is God Almighty, who came to earth in sinless humanity
and redeemed mankind by dying for our sins on the cross.
God the Father raised Him from the dead and today He lives
and reigns at the Father's right hand. He will come again
to judge the living and the dead. He is before all things
and in Him all things consist, for He is the creator of the
heavens and the earth as well as the Redeemer of mankind.

God in physical form. The Messiah of the OT. The payment for man's sins (past, present, future) by his suffering, death, and ressurection.

The only son of God. True light from true light, etc....
Basically, the conservative Christian classical chriastianity definition.

He was a compassionate man.

Jesus Christ was the ONLY Soon of God in flesh and blood. He was the God/man man//God. Enough God as though he were not man, but enough man that he was not God. He was sent to Earth so that I might have eternal life and a personal relationship with the Creator of the cosmos.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God, is God Almighty, the Yaweh
Abraham, the Savior of God's people.

Jesus Christ is Lord of All ! He was chosen by God as a different way to allow people to be purged of sin and come unto God since the old way of the High Priest sprinkling blood offerings did not keep the people from sinning or coming close to God...Now we can go Boldly to the highest without reservation! Jesus Christ was given the rank of High Priest the same as Michesidek ! See Hebrews... and remember that by Faith we please God...Thank You!

Son of God, come to earth as God/man to usher in the
Kingdom of God/die for humankind as a sacrifice for our sin.
Enable us to live Godly lives here on earth and be with Him
eternally. AMEN! Come Lord Jesus! WOW!

Jesus Christ was and is co-existent and co-eternal with the Father, Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born to the Virgin Mary. He took upon himself the form of man, and bore our sin, carried our sorrows, and by the shedding of His blood upon the cross of Calvery pruchased redemption for all that would belive upon His name. Then defeeting death and hell, He rose up from the grave assended on high taking captivity captive, that as the Great Mediator between God and man, He might stand at the right hand of God the Father making intercession for those for whom He laid down His life for.

Jesus Christ is God's Son, part of the Trinity, who took on
the nature of a servant by becoming a man. He was crucified and buried by man and resurrected by the Father on the third day. He was without sin and BECAME sin to make a bridge to the Father - to save the whole world. He's the ONLY way to reconcile with the Father, and He's our perfect model of how to be a Christian. He desire's a personal relationship with each one of us.

This is a very difficult question, because for mr there are so many ways to define Jesus. I know how He is defined bibically; Savior, Son of God. But to me He is a support, a friend, an constant presences within.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God, set forth in the New
Testament as Lord...crucified, resurrected and coming

Jesus Christ was/is the son of God!!!

He is my LORD and Saviour He is GOd incarnate,
Part of triune Godhead, He is the redemer for all mankind.


Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. He saved my life from the pit (by nothing I've done) and gave wings of eagles to fly....Without all the flowerery words I love Jesus and I want to serve Him!

Son of God; sinless; the final, perfect Sacrifice; Savior

Jesus Christ is the Son of God who on the cross became a
curse for those He came to save.

Jesus is the Son of the living God.

At least the following:

(1) a Jewish religious teacher that lived most of his life
in the first century AD;

(2) a prophet of God, sent to proclaim the eminent arrival
of the Kingdom of God;

(3) God himself, incarnate among men, who, by his life and
death, atoned for our sins, thereby making it possible to
reconciled to Him.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
He came to earth as a man.
He died to save the world from sin and death.
He had victory over sin and death when he rose fromthe dead.

In the beginning was the Word....
and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.

Did I get that right?

Jesus Christ is my Lord and personal saviour. He is the
son of God, Who was given as a sacrifice for my sins. He
died and rose again and filled me with his holy spirit.
He dwells within in me.

Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, fully god and fully man. Please see Apostles' Creed.

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