People who helped hold me up this year…

"An avalanche of encouragement, one rock at a time…"


Relieved that the miracle series is done? (phew!) I just wanted to commend you on a great job. Brilliant insight into Carrier's Kooks/Quacks article. That whole series is extremely informative....I hope you feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in your work....Aside from being a research genius, you're also a very creative thinker and you always surprise me with the various angles you look at the evidence from....

Hey Glenn ,I just wanted to send you this e-mail to say that I thought about you while playing the little drummer boy in church today on the guitar. You have been an inspiration to me both as a man and as a child of God. The Tank has helped me tremendously through the last couple years. I played my best for Him today, and it reminded me of how much you give your best in taking questions and seriously answering them. Thank You and God Bless

Just writing to offer encouragement; Specifically to commend your short lesson 'A God of Color and Music' which I found to be not only original but beautiful as well.


I hate to throw the name "fan" around but I have greatly enjoyed "the tank". Many of your articles are the greatest modern musings I have read since discovering C.S. Lewis, and I don't say that lightly either. I think you are doing a wonderful thing and don't doubt that God has used you to help many.  I believe (please correct me if I am wrong) that each discovery or Revelation in your life was definitely preceded by some trials. I say that as I think of the fact that sweet wine requires crushing some grapes. Perhaps you need no encouragement, but I would like to tell you that I have been Blessed to have run across your site.

Just wanted to tell you I have used the "Less detailed writings as help in evangelism efforts with some success…Also the "Ready for that first step toward God?" with inmates that I correspond with and with some of the uninformed people I work with thru our Church's "Social Outreach Ministry".  Than you for saying it better than I can!  May God richly bless as we serve Him together. By Grace 

I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the way you have written the information on your page.  I didn't get to read all of it, but I read your home page, your defense of the faith, and a few other random things.  You have done an amazing job of glorifying God in your work, as well as bringing an incredible balance of intellectual, Biblical, and some very human (which is good, seeing as how God created us to be human) aspects of the thinking process in general.  I don't even know the details of what you believe, but I know you preach Christ and Him crucified.  Your method of furthering the Gospel is beautiful.  I will be praying for you and your efforts.  I hope to be able to let God use me in a very similar way for the rest of my life.  I pray that God will continue to give you encouragement, and that He will help you to have strength in those very "human" days

I just want to thank you for your effort. The past year has been my hardest ever as I have struggled with a crisis of faith (understatement!!!) Your site has helped me heaps in thinking through things. One of the best things I have learnt from your work is it's no good for people to try and tear down parts of the Christian system - you have to put something in it's place and when they do it seems to me pretty weak.

Just a note to thank you OOODLES 4 your site, and more specifically for your HILARIOUS and wonderful testimony.  You don't know what a BOON your site is for me, and how sorely I needed to have the kind of mirth found in your testimony …  Your site is balm to my soul, and has been stored in my "favorites" so I can come back and feed on it.

Your website is absolutely astounding. I can hardly  believe you produced all this material single-handedly.


I'm living in a Muslim Middle-Eastern country where it's hard to get Christian theological literature (Christian books are not sold here and mail-orders disappear at customs) - your site is a God-send for me. And I would guess for anybody interested in a rational defense of the faith. Thank you for your work.

I just wanted to let you know that I sure enjoy your website. As an American living in Mexico, it has been a valuable  resource for me. I teach a Sunday School class in my local church (in Spanish of course) and I have even used your website as a resource in preparing my class.

You're a very cool guy (and brother :). Thank you for all the effort you're taking to answer so many questions. I've learned a lot.

Huge fan of Apologetics and your site.  Recommend it all the time when I teach on Apologetics in churches, youth groups, etc. 


My prayers are with you and I TRULY thank you for all of the work you have done.  It's obviously been a life long endeavor.


All I can say is that I am blessed, and will continue to be blessed by your ministry to the Christian mind.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I just wanted to let you know of the "latest" addition to the Christian Thintank -fanclub: me (smile).


I stumbled on the Tank some months ago and have been coming back almost weekly ever since. Before that, the term "thinking Christian", or apologetics for that matter, was not in my vocabulary. I have Christian family-background. From that perspective it isn't that the idea of a thinking Christian was preposterous. It just wasn't something I had come across in my 15+ years of Christian surroundings. At least not at the level of detail that you deal with the issues on the Tank.


About a year ago I started to follow Christ for real. Having not given God much thought before that, I've found reading the material on your site to be a great way to sort of "catch up" on those years lost. By reading your texts I'd like to think I've started to develop a more sound and calm way of dealing with skeptical questions about Christianity that I come across in my life. One such text that comes into my mind right now is the one titled "A long-winded, heart-felt attempt to help a skeptic friend...".


I'd also like to mention how much I appreciate the section called "Two+ Decades of Lessons...". It's great that you're willing to share your "lessons with God". I think it's such a waste when most Christians learn the same lessons "the hard way", and, at least here, there doesn't seem to be any sort of tradition to pass these lessons along to the younger Christians. Because of this I found that section to be so valuable. I'm not saying I'm able to just read these all through and come out as a 20+ years more mature Christian. Most of the things I probably have to learn the hard way too, so that I really learn them, but some of the things you wrote were current enough for me to get something out of them.

My name is ZYX and I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you've done to provide this resource.  As someone who has always wanted to ask the hard questions I appreciate having someone who is willing to give honest, and well thought out answers. Again WELL DONE!!.

Dear Glenn, God Bless you and your family. Your site is awesome. Praise God! I'm helped every time I go on the Tank. I'm always refreshed and challenged at the same time. My faith is increased and my thinking clearer.


Thanks again and God Bless!

I really like your site. Sometimes I torture myself with religious questions, trying to give each competing claim the benefit of the doubt. I've gone crazy several times that way, wondering "what if *they* really do have the truth"? And I try to be as fair as possible, but as a result I think I may get ulcers early in my life (I'm in college).


However, when I visit your site and read about topics that I'm agonizing over, my confidence in Christianity is strengthened. Keep up the good work. I'm praying for you.

Yes, I do indeed consider myself a Christian. In fact, your site had a MAJOR role to play in my original conversion and acceptance of Christ; and it continues to have a MAJOR role in my understanding of the Bible, of Jesus as a person, of the Jews as a people, etc.


I must say, Glenn, anything where your warmth and caring as a human being comes out in full force. For instance, the entire "Argument for the Faith" page is an absolute blessing; as well as, oh dear, what was it?? I couldn't quote to you the exact topic involved, but it's a conversation between "yourself" and Peter. Things like this stand out amongst the "heavier" and more "intellectual" items because they help show me exactly what it is that makes God so great: His love.

Dear Glenn, I just wanted to encourage you today w/ an e-mail saying THANKS! I pray for the loving warmth and comfort of the Lord to protect and guide you this week. God Bless you and your family. I pray the Lord provides all that you need for the computer ministry you are undertaking. I pray that the deepest prayers of your heart are answered. Thank You for your ministry on the Tank. I pray the Lord opens doors for you financially, showering upon you  the time & resources needed. Your ministry is very important

I know that I don't know you and we will probably never meet this side of eternity but you have done so much for me.  I have these doubts that tear at my soul night and day and I pray to God to make them leave.  Your site has been an answer to those prayers. I wish you knew the extent God has used you in my life he has used you to keep me (besides his sovereign grace) from walking away from my faith.  The major questions are done with for the moment besides the Early Monotheism thing but I think it will be answered.  One thing that I have learned about all this is that God is always faithful my questions have always been answered.  I wish you the best and I will see you when we are forever worshipping Christ who sits upon the thrown!

I'm a 19 year old  worker at XYZ and I just wanted to say I love your website and have been coming there for the duration of my Christian walk which started a year ago. I remember your site helping me tremendously in the area of the Jesus seminar and the "Gnostic gospels" which supposedly predated the Canonical Gospels. These were huge stumbling blocks for my faith and I am grateful for your writings about them.


You are doing such good work for the kingdom and I just wanted to encourage you and let you know that you helped a depressed, suicide contemplating, burned out former drug user come to know the saving power of Christ and the Truth in Him. You truly are a steward of God's Grace. I also hope and pray that the project you have your eyes on works out and bears much fruit

You won't probably get a chance to read this in the next few years, but just in case you chance by this message, I just want you to know that you can't even begin to understand what a relief your articles ( specially about women) are to me. My gratitude is inexpressible  in words. I'm so thankful to God for you. You're a very unique MALE - so self-assured. It's just a pity that women in Christian circles are surrounded by very insecure men who really need a law to affirm their manhood. I know that sounds unfair

(may God forgive me), but I'm just fed up by "Christian" male chauvinism.  Thanks for being there.

Yes, I do. But sometimes my faith isn't so strong, actually Your ThinkTank is one of the biggest reasons I still have faith. THANKS.

Hello Glenn!

I came across your site back in 1996,  I believe, when I was an undergrad at the University of YZX and was thoroughly impressed with your scholarship and the tone you use in your writings. I have continued to visit through the years and have always been rewarded from the experience. I am personally indebted to you for the work you have put into your site.


In short, I love your heart in answering these soul-searching questions from individuals and would like for you to consider helping us out in doing the same. In any case, thank you so much for your continuing work on your site, it is a valuable resource and a point of light on this ever-growing international web.

I read "Good Question" and was left in tears.  You answered questions I hadn't even thought yet to ask.  It was absolutely beautiful. 

You have a wonderful site.  I am so glad there ARE scholarly Christians - after all, the atheists are so slick at getting people to fall in with the notion that atheism is more intelligent than is the "Christian superstition."   Thank you for proving that the atheists are (again) wrong, wrong, and wrong!

Hi.....I nearly died over a year ago .................... then when my heart was failing, I remember that the last Sunday the preaching in the church I used to go when I was not 'high', was the psalm 40.... I said to G-d, I want to believe more and more, I want to change forever, but I don't want to make any mistake choosing the wrong religion , because there's no point to love G-d and chose the wrong G-d, do you understand me ? Thanks.....then I confirmed what I believe and accepted Christ once again (but now with all my heart) your web site helped me to get some things in the right order, and now that I am saved by the infinite grace of G-d through the sacrifice of Christ, I feel myself in peace...... Just want to say thank you for this magnificent web site (for the glory of The L-rd) because you have never ever met me, but you have already helped me. May G-d bless you and give you part in the Kingdom of Heaven. Pray the L-rd every day, more and more, so you can continue being the defensor of our faith. Probable the best one online. May G-d give you wisdom that is a priceless gift, may G-d keep His H-ly Sp-rit upon you, so you, guided by Him, guide those who might have doubts or questions. Thanks for being in the battle front  against the biggest enemy....the doubt and the lies. May G-d bless you....

I just wanted to thank you for helping me through tough questions and doubts.  Your site has become the first one I turn to when I'm struggling with questions about the goodness of God. 

Glancing through the positive feedback you've received over the past several years it seems like I can hardly add something new. But you may need to be reminded again that are creating something new in someone else because of your faithful service to God. I have been blessed at reading through your site today. I have been searching for an extra-ordinary resource for Christian apologetics since I started university in '95 until now and it amazes me to suddenly stumble across your site. It is the answer to my search and -- unbelievably -- much more. In your writing (your personal notes) I find a man who will humble himself to God and to his readers; one who attempts, in brokenness, to build a vulnerable faith and an intellectual awareness of the foundations of his faith together in balance. I look forward with such anticipation to reading through your work more carefully and building on your experience and study.

I know what it is like to have soul ripping doubt and I hate it.  At times your website has been the thing that has kept me from slipping into agnosticism.  I believe it was by the will of God that I found your site by accident and I read your paper destroying the Christ- Myth! 

Thank you so much for your site, I have been perusing your site for a couple of years now and I've found it invaluable at times. In fact, one of your pages was the page for a beautiful spiritual reawakening. The road is rough at times, but I wanted to let you know that the Lord worked through you to help me start looking at the map again. I thank you so much for that.

I think you're doing an awesome thing.  I'm one of those that likes to engage in 'faith abuse' (as a previous visitor once described it) and..  This makes for a pretty nice salve after a good beating. :)


In the end, it's good to see someone who takes a logical and investigative approach to Bible (and gets heavy into theology) without losing sight of what's really important.  As I remind myself during my investigations, no matter how difficult or consuming this problem may be.. never have they impacted the basic message Christ proclaimed..

I have enjoyed your site for a number of years. I discovered it in theological college (I’m an Anglican minister in Sydney, Australia).


I have enjoyed your relentless logic and remarkable commitment to bear with the questions of those who pose questions to you. I am nothing like this (but I love to read people who are).


But I had never read your reflections on the death of your daughter (in fact I’d never read any of your personal info), until tonight. I type now with tears in my eyes and say ‘thanks’ for what you wrote. Luther’s statement that “experience makes the theologian” is surely clearer for me now, having read this part of your remarkable site.

Thank you soooooooooo very much.  Please continue this project, it has been very vital to me and I know others.  My God bless and keep you strong to continue in His work.

I have immensely, immensely enjoyed and gained from your website since stumbling across it about 6 years ago.  I have a degree in philosophy and religious studies, and have profited from the incredible amount of work you do in each area.


I'm sending my kudos along now because your most recent letter ('Was God so 'needy' that He had to create the universe?') really struck my heart; it made me think of so many people who should hear it - and, in fact, I did send the URL off to a few! The whole part at the end, in particular, about the 'ecstatic dance' of God, and the need to be more than just 'devout', but 'celebratory' and 'joy-making'. Wow, beautiful stuff. I can't describe how your expression of that, the words you chose, feel to me - or perhaps it is the Spirit using those words.


I don't know how you make your way through so many books and thoughts, but thank you.

Thank you for asking about my spiritual progress.  I decided to return to Christianity in January!!  Your website was definitely a big help in my pondering the trinity.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the effort you have made in creating and maintaining your website.

I think your work is exceptional. Thank you for the putting in the enormous amount of work that a compilation of this magnitude obviously entails.

I'm not sure what I could say that you haven't heard hundreds of times before, but I really, really, really appreciate your work on the internet.. every time I get through with a Glenn Miller essay, I feel as though I've just finished an incredibly satisfying meal...

Earlier today I sent you a question vis-a-vis Jesus as the "Son of Man". Altho still eagerly awaiting your response further perusal of your site leads me to but one comment: "Rock on brother!!!" Your category of linguistic analysis (which I think of as "Antics with Semantics") invites one to "THE DANCE".    Bindu,Bango,Bongo!!! Thanks for the delicious thought for food. And meaty it IS.

I have often used your web site to answer questions asked of me by kids that I have worked with at church. One of my closest friends, a kid who came to know the Lord at camp and became  my spiritual little brother, died recently (he was twenty years old) in an auto accident. I had often used your web-site as a spring board for discussions with him and to help me find answers to questions. Your work means a lot to me, especially as I remember all of our times together discussing these tough questions.

This little e-mail comes all the way from an even smaller point - (a tiny, tiny island in the South Pacific). This is where I love to live. There is nothing here except a neighbour or two across the fields, a small creek and stately eucalypts frowned upon by blue mountains dusted with winter snow. Heaven.


I am sure that "I Am" will put His arms around you one day and hold you close for a long long while…and whisper quietly…"well done"...


My gratitude for the input you have had into my life over these past few weeks since discovering your 'well spring' (read 'Tank')has drawn me to express myself in thanks also.

Great site, Glenn; there's so much junk on the web, even among "Christian" sites, it's always nice to visit yours.  I've been stopping by for several years now, and I can still easily spend a few hours reading, thinking, arguing, and sharpening my own intellect here, the better to fight my own battles, which are more often waged within the walls of the church as a teacher trying to get Christians to grow up and live like Christians than out among the (openly) non-believing.  Thanks.


pro1=Honest, intelligent communication and debate with sceptics, agnostics, and other non-believers.  Your answers are often oriented in directions that I wouldn't have taken if faced with the same question, but, as such, are doubly valuable in expanding my own knowledge and thought process.  To see a Christian facing the world with no hiding behind religion or easy answers is always refreshing.  Wish there were more like you.

I know that you hear this a lot, but I am going to tell you anyway.  Before I found your site, I thought that I was the only one who wrestled with many of these issues.  Strangely, though, I am comforted knowing that others experience the same struggles.  Deep down, I know that God and the New Testament are real.  Sometimes, however, we all need a swift kick in the pants in order to refocus our attention.  This site not only helps me with my troubling questions; it also gives me the swift kick in the pants that I sometimes need.  Most of your advice is very helpful to me, and I commend you for your charitable work.  Indeed, you can feel very proud knowing that you are helping many people with the most important aspect of their lives: their faith in Jesus Christ.  Thanks again for your help, and keep up the good work.


I really enjoy the "Q and A" format.  Also, I like it when you state an objection and then refute it.  Finally, I find it quite interesting when you break-down people's letters sentence by sentence and then state your findings/opinions.  This is an excellent and well formatted site.

I think I have to thank you - you made an exciting analysis of both the data, their philosophical implications and the semantics of their presentation.


I am really impressed - do you have a team of researchers at hand? If yes, or if not: I thank you for what I consider a highly interesting and indeed brilliant essay. I also liked your philosophical analysis. [From the Professor of Cognitive Science who submitted the question on Automaticity.]


and then, of course, there are THESE (and I SWEAR that I did not make ANY of these up)…"lest the glow bear me aloft"…(smile)



If Glenn is a Christian then why cannot Glenn focus on non-Glenn?


I got a email from Glenn saying "MAILME" in big angry letters.


Does Apologetics ever deal with apology's? Or is this seminar to a Christian Think-tank which is apparently really Glenn's Thinktank? Where are the voices of the Christians? Perhaps Glenn would not have to put all this info on about how busy he is if Glenn would have a website with other voices?


I once again was bothered on my browser with the first Wittgenstein listing being this one, with no apparent real information on such at all. Your first notice is Comic Relief 2 article. Ah, Witt in the name reference. But what of non-Christians looking for serious answers from Christians (plural, as in a group of Christ-like folks...)


In defense of the faith, of Christianity orthodox, I think it most important a Christian Think tank actually at least be as it is named. I went ahead and spent some time looking over the website. After all, it was part of my Christian response to the hostile "MAILME" which is akin to bite me I must guess, perhaps too much winebibbing.


I think perhaps you might want to have a website named for yourself instead of a Christian think tank name.  The later expresses a group effort with perhaps your overview, but not dedicated to you.  It seems your website is filled to the brim with you, and personal references about you. This is why you might want to change the name to your name Think Tank or the format to all Christian thinkers with place for others. I am afraid with such a name a very bad witness  might develop to the non-Christians visiting the site. They decide to see what the Christian community has to say, and see a vanity page about you. [From a Christian student in an evangelical bible college in CA…"MAILME" is the subject-line of the auto-reply to the email submission form, which is on mailme.html]

My time is precious too, so just a word…Unfortunately your 2000+ answers that you give to others are INUTILE, because they are based on FALSE DOCTRINES and consequently they are FALSE TOO! I did not asked you for an answer but for your COMMENT. When you say: "I will probably not be of much use to you" ....that is right and surprisingly HONEST too. [responding to my auto-reply to the Tough Questions submission form…]

You've been doing Christianity a tremendous disservice when you print the atheist lies/accusations in bold print and the Christian truth/responses in light print.  I'm referring to the weakness I'm seeing on the Christian apologetics pages.  When I read so many convoluted, unintelligible responses such as those written by Glenn Miller it's very frustrating for a Christian like myself that would like to see a better defense of the faith.  You can do a better job and I strongly suggest you re-do the apologetics pages only this time with the lies/accusations in light print and the truth/responses in bold print.  Such would be much more effective.

Well, I guess you were one of many others, like that liar and dishonest of "Paul" (whoever this name could conceal among several roman writers and agents of romanism), able to mingle and catchup what you need in order to defend the "originality" of your "Christianism". The evidence of the counter-sources condemn both you and the "faith" you hold on.... To act good there's not necessity of deities; they sprang up just when people "needs" control, from a few.

Oh, my!  Your lord did not grant you the gift of brevity!


I was curious to see how you would deal with the 'myth copycat' issue.  Did you choose to ramble on, hoping most readers would give up long before obtaining the answer?  ...And thus imagine that if you can write so much about it, you must know? 


I know.  I know you will say the subject has no short answer (any more!).  For 'it' being the creation of satan will no longer work, huh?  Adapt, adapt, adapt, but never give up.  This is Christianity (and all other religions as well!)indeed, feeding on the ignorant till the bitter end!


Thank goodness that end is near, as you guys are on the fast track out!  But don't you worry, you'll die rich, and the camel will go right through the eye of the needle just for you!

Ok, let's drop the jokes. Let's talk seriously, although it is hard to do such about both a silly stuff like Christianism and any other likewise superstition, specially with an evident fanatic like you surely seem to be. To me you seems nothing but the next auto-exalted pewsitter took by the frenzy to "fight" against "evil", nothing more.


Now let's see, what makes you feel you pewsitters were in right on believing things you *******CANNOT******** demonstrate (I know, the more we say this, the more you must say that's not so, because you know we got reason), whilst other guys weren't right on believing the contrary? What makes you such? The "martyrs"? "Jesus"? The fact you were many (remember; you was afew, before "someone" exterminated anyone who opposed him, using for principles very contrary to the ones of your beloved "messiah", and this would happen even TODAY, AGAIN, against YOU, this time)? What?

Never argued that if you are so contrasted so far since great times there should be a very hard reason for that rather than your ranting claims about "Satan's conspiration"? Where's your "Jesus"? Where's your GOD!?!? Never thought you could be just delusional fanatics, neither able to match it 'cause of you were many, though filled with faith and abhorrence of speculating whether what you believe must be submitted to skeptical inquiry before you swallow it whole without any critics?

Never thought you were only SLAVES? Never mind what superstitions menace mankind daily? Whence sprang wars? Are you able to put together a linear discourse instead of babbling like an idiot? Or we must argue that you were filled just with superegotism? Or we should attain to the very rantings of yours? It is that, the "brothership" which you claim you inherited from your "Jesus"?




The Christian ThinkTank...[] (Reference Abbreviations)